The Roost Laptop Stand Aims to Protect Sore Necks and Backs

How do you like the ache in your neck that you get from bending over your laptop for too long? How about the one your back?  The Roost Laptop Stand, the subject of a new Kickstarter campaign, promises to eliminate Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) associated with poor laptop ergonomics. Instead of leaning over your laptop, you can use this portable, adjustable stand to hold your system at eye-level (6 to 11 inches above the table) while you use an external keyboard and mouse.

Creator James Olander says engineered the product out of pure necessity. Before he turned 26, Olander lost the ability to type after he suffered too much pain from straining over his laptop. His physical therapist gave him the idea for the Roost and, when he couldn’t find it online, he created it himself. In June 2013, the original Roost Laptop Stand was backed by 2,500 people through its first Kickstarter campaign. Now, the Roost has been redesigned so that it is sturdier, adjustable, and portable.

The 5.8-ounce stand is extremely portable and comes in a Nylon carrying sleeve. It can be folded into a 1 x 1 x 13-inch package. By pressing down or up on the stand, you can match the laptop to your own height. Pivoting grips adjust to fit your laptop no matter the size. These grips also keep your laptop from falling off of the stand. 

The Kickstarter campaign is intended to raise money for the manufacturing of the new Roost. With 19 days to go, the Roost Laptop Stand has $157,078 more to raise in order to meet its goal of $475,000. If The Roost meets this goal, tired necks and backs everywhere might rejoice.