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Razer Unveils Project Fiona Concept Gaming Tablet

LAS VEGAS -- While there are plenty of games for tablets, there really isn't a tablet out there for hardcore gamers -- until now. Gaming hardware maker Razer has unveiled a new tablet codenamed Project Fiona here at CES 2012. The concept tablet is the result of a team effort between Razer and Intel. As a result, the Project Fiona tablet is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor, making it one of the most powerful slates on the market. That means instead of having to deal with dumbed-down ports of popular gaming franchises, Fiona can run many of the PC games currently available without any modifications.

A powerful processor isn't the only thing that makes Project Fiona unique. Razer has outfitted the device with a hybrid user interface featuring dual imbedded gaming controllers and analog sticks. The controllers will also have full force feedback so gamers can feel every explosion and tremor, similar to most game controllers on the market. Instead of having to rely on frustrating touch controls or a hit-or-miss accelerometer, Razer has added a "highly sensitive" multitouch display and an "ultra-precise" accelerometer.

Razer plans to release developer units of the tablet sometime this year with actual consumer units, estimated to cost below $1,000, to be released in Q4 2012. Whether Razer can hit its ambitious target date is anyone's guess, but the idea of an actual gaming tablet will pique many gamers' interest.