PureGear Builds Mazes Into New Galaxy S4 Cases

Play games on your phone, even when your battery has died! A new Retro Game Case line by PureGear brings old school games to the back of your phone in fun summer colors. At $29.99 each, the cases come in three styles featuring three different maze games and are available for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. 

Named Amazing, Groovy and Undecided, each of the cases features a different game, including a Pinball-Magic 8 Ball hybrid in Undecided where you ask a question of your case and the rolling ball navigates through pins to land on Yes or No. 

These cases are ideal for those who need constant distraction, even while waiting for a plane to take off, or as PureGear says, "anytime you want to experience life before the digital age." A potential drawback is that your phone will perhaps constantly rattle when you have it in your pocket thanks to the rolling ball in the case. 

Would you get a Retro Game Case for your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, or do you think we don't need yet another reason for people to be constantly staring down at their phones?

Cherlynn Low
Staff Writer
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