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OCS9 Windows 7 Tablet: Carries an Intel Oaktrail CPU Inside, Works with a Multi-Purpose Wireless Remote Accessory Outside

The Windows 7 tablet isn't dead yet. Korea-based gadget manufacturer OCOSMOS wants to remind the world that the OCS9, a 10.1-inch, all-white slate running Window's latest desktop OS, could soon land stateside.

If it hits, the OCS9 just might make a splash where Windows 7 devices like the ASUS Eee Pad Slate 121 merely plopped. The secret to its possible success? The OCOSMOS device will be powered by a 1.5-GHz Intel Oak Trail processor, a chipset designed to give tablets—and tablets alone—stamina for all-day battery life and processing power strong enough to tackle high-definition video playback.

The OCS9 will need every hertz of that power too. Find out why (and see a gallery of images) below.Here's why. The OCS9's 10.1-inch IPS display packs a 1280x800-pixel resolution for video playback and web browsing, and because it runs Windows 7, the tablet will certainly support Adobe Flash. That means lots of online video from and other sites. In addition, the display has one more special feature: it's built from material called Asahi Glass that OCOSMOS says improves touch transmittance and reduces sunlight glare.

You can look for this slate to include 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 microSD card reader slot that supports cards up to 32GB. There's also an HDMI port, but that comes part-and-parcel of a dedicated TV docking-and-charging station, which also includes 2 more USB 2.0 jacks.

What truly makes the OCS9 stand out from other tablets—even the Apple iPad and many Android slates—is an accessory called the Smart O-Bar multi-controller. This smartphone-sized, WiFi-enabled candybar-shaped device includes a 3.5-inch screen and two directional buttons, and it serves as a multi-talented alternative control device for OCS9. The Smart O-Bar can work as a keyboard/mouse to wirelessly control movie and video on the tablet (possibly on a television screen) or as a cord-free gaming controller. It also includes speakers and a microphone to serve as a VOIP handset for Skype calls or as portable streaming media player.

OCOSMOS hasn't released any details on price and availability, but they advised us to stay tuned. If the OCS9 sparked your interest, take a look at our gallery images below.