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Nokia 'Facet' Smartwatch Concept Puts Multiple Displays on Your Wrist

Following the footsteps Samsung and Sony, Nokia may be the next major tech brand to step into the smartwatch game. The Finnish-based electronics manufacturer just released a video and patented a wearable accessory that sports multiple displays. According to the video, the watch’s wristband would be comprised of multiple segments, each of which would be its own display. The device appears to be codenamed "Facet," as shown in the clip. 

Having more than one display means the user could rotate his or her wrist to view different types of content. Typical smartwatches have one display attached to a strap or wristband, but Nokia’s concept seems more like a bracelet. In its patent, Nokia points out that it can be worn as an anklet, necklace or similar form of jewelry in its patent. The video, which was originally published in a report from the Association for Computing Machinery, showcases how one would interact with various apps across multiple displays. 

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The Lumia smartphone maker also hints that this watch would be waterproof in the background portion of its patent. As context, the company points out that it can be burdensome to carry mobile devices around at all times, especially when they can be easily damaged by water or impact.

Although Nokia’s wearable tech approach seems different than its competitors, the bracelet will come with similar hardware, including a processor, a touch screen display(s), a speaker and a microphone.

Nokia appears to be experimenting with a form factor that could make it stand out in the market, but it’s difficult to determine whether or not it will be a hit. Most smartwatches primarily exist to forward notifications, messages and phone calls to your wrist, in which case one display may be sufficient.

Nokia now joins Google, Microsoft and Apple in the smartwatch rumor mill. Now that Microsoft owns Nokia’s mobile division, it would be interesting to see if both Microsoft’s and Nokia’s smartwatch concepts merge.

(Image Credit: Engadget