Samsung Chromebook Detachable 2-in-1 Could Be on Way

 Samsung could be working on a new Chromebook featuring a hybrid design, according to a new report.

Eagle-eyed observers over at Chrome Unboxed have discovered changes to the Chromium Repository, a one-stop shop for all things happening in the Chrome environment. Among those changes, they found a new Chromebook codenamed "Nautilus."

After checking other devices, they found that this is the first time Nautilus has been mentioned and it likely comes with a detachable keyboard, like other popular hybrids.

While the listing itself doesn't pinpoint exactly who is behind the computer, changes in the Chromium Repository point to a person named Jongpil Jung, who has a Samsung email address attached to his profile. He was also the person listed on previous Samsung devices, including the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus, according to SamMobile, which earlier reported on the update.

Samsung is among the most popular Chromebook makers, thanks in no small part to the company offering high-end designs in a field dominated by many lower-end devices. Samsung is also among the most bullish on Google's Chrome OS, and hasn't wavered in its support. So, while the company hasn't confirmed it's actually working on a new Chromebook, it shouldn't be a surprise if it is.

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The timing might also be right.

At CES earlier this year, Samsung unveiled the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus. And it would only make sense that the company would offer up a new generation of Chromebooks in 2018. With CES less than two months away, now would be the time for certain details on its upcoming Chromebooks to start to leak.

In addition to the hybrid design, the new Chromebook should also run on Intel's Kaby Lake processors. Details beyond that are currently unknown.

Look for Samsung's new Chromebook at CES in January. And as always, we'll be there to cover every last detail.