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Neurowear Unveils Mind-Controlled Headphones

Once again, Neurowear proves that tech is simply mind over matter. After unleashing the adorable and curiously amusing Necomimi Brain-Controlled Cat Ears, word on the street was that a matching tail was to follow. But it looks as if the company has set its focus on the audio space.

At South by Southwest in Austin, the company is showing off its newest project, a set of mind-controlled headphones called Mico. To make the device, Neurowear took the familiar forehead sensor and earlobe clip from the Necomimi and attached them to a positively massive set of white headphones, which utilize Bluetooth to connect with your smartphone.

Once the headphones are set up, users have the ability to select music based on their current mood with an accompanying app. The app currently has 100 tracks that have been "neuro-tagged," or tested, to ensure that each track matches up with perceived moods. Unfortunately, moody listeners will still have to rely on their phones to change tracks. If your mood changes from melancholy to happy, users must shake the phone to find the appropriate music.

There are currently only two copies of the headset, but we're looking forward to taking the Mico for a spin when more are available. Now if they could create a pair of headphones with the ear attachments, we'd be really psyched. In the meantime, check out our first impressions of the device in our hands-on.