NeuroSky Launches Mobile Brainwave-Reading MindWave Mobile

Brain-Computer-Interface NeuroSky has launched what it calls the world's first brainwave-reading device for Android and iOS. MindWave Mobile is a wireless headset that works with Bluetooth and uses brainwaves to control games, mental fitness apps and relaxation exercises. 

Ever read those books as a kid that had various different endings and you could pick the plot as you read? MyndPlay, just one element bundled with MindWave Mobile, takes that to a digital level. The mind-controlled video application lets users choose how certain movie scenes and outcomes turn out, just by tensing or relaxing at certain points. The device can be used for more than just entertainment, though: FocusPocus, a learning app, apparently helps children with concentration tasks in a game format.

The mobile component of the device is unique, as it works with Android and iOS platforms as well as Mac and PC. And even though more than 100 software applications are available through NeuroSky's online store, mobile specific applications are also available in the Android Market and on iTunes.

Those in the U.S. and Europe can purchase MindWave Mobile through now for $129.

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