MyCharge Freedom Battery Cases 1-Up Your iPhone 5, Galaxy S III

Nobody’s all over the smartphone charger game quite like MyCharge. We covered the company’s portfolio of portable chargers a few nights ago at CES 2013. Now the company has announced MyCharge Freedom Series chargers that do double duty as cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

Sure, charging cases have been gimmicky in the past, but the Freedom Series packs substantial backup power. Let’s start with the two cases for the iPhone 5. One comes with a 1500mAh battery for $79.99 and a 2000mAh option will retail for $99.99. MyCharge tells us the smaller option will re-supply the iPhone for one full charge and the 2000mAh option is good for one full charge and, after that, about of a charge.

The Samsung SIII Freedom Series case comes in a 2500mAh capacity only (because the Samsung Galaxy S III sports a 2100mAh battery), and costs $99. It carries enough periphery power to recharge the S III to full capacity with a little reserve to spare. Basically, cases for both devices look to give the phones the minimum of full 1-up when your companion device goes down for the count.

The other half of the Freedom Series coin is case design, which is all about ensuring that the protected device remains functional. The iPhone 5 case doesn’t cover the phone’s Lightning port, so you can still easily plug in the phone for syncing. The case’s charging tip actually docks in the protective shell itself, and can be removed and connected to the phone when charging’s necessary. It’s a smart design choice on MyCharge’s part because it gives users easy access to the Lightning port if they need it. 

In a similar vein, the exteriors of both Freedom Series cases are made of twice-injected rubber for a huge boost in durability, and the interior cradle is coasted in. We dropped an iPhone 5 from about 4 to 5 feet onto a wood-paneled floor repeatedly. No harm done.

For now, the MyCharge Freedom Series is available in jet black, but the company plans to allow retailers to purchase more decorative cases and sell them as exclusives. For instance, Best Buy may want to sell an all blue-and-yellow cover that can only be purchased at its stores. A few dozen options were on display at MyCharge’s CES 2013 booth, but none are available for sale yet. Then again, the Freedom Series isn’t on sale yet either. Keep an eye out for these smart-designed battery-extending cases later this year.

Social Media Editor