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Microsoft Announces Office for iPad

Acknowledging that not all tablets run Windows 8 and that the world is becoming increasingly cloud-connected, Satya Nadella in his first public appearance as Microsoft's CEO, announced the launch of Office for iPad, available today in the Apple Store. 

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Microsoft has previously dipped its toes into Apple's mobile OS, releasing OneNote for the iPad, but today's announcement signals that Microsoft is addressing a greater need in the market, and is not as wedded to its own mobile operating system or devices. "The world is not going to be defined by the form factors we know today, but by the form factors that are coming," Nadella said. "We want think about users, both individuals and organizations, spanning across all devices." 

Office for iPad, which will include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, will be available in the Apple Store today at 11 am PT, 2 pm ET.

While users will be able to download Office for free, only Office 365 subscribers will have all the features of the apps available; all others will be limited to read and present functions. 

Stay tuned for our hands-on look at Microsoft Office for the iPad, as well as our full review.