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Microsoft Office for iOS and Android Might Not Arrive Until Late 2014

Bad news for everyone waiting for Microsoft Office to be available on Android and iOS; these versions of the popular productivity suite might not arrive until October 2014. This disappointing timeframe comes from an internal roadmap for Gemini, the codename for the next-generation of Office updates, that ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley obtained from an unnamed source. 

The Office suite for iOS was first spotted on an iPad in February 2012, but it wasn't until November 2012 that the company's Czech PR team revealed that Microsoft has indeed been working on an Android and iOS version of the Office Suite. The report was corroborated by other sources, and it was rumored that the mobile Office suites could be available as soon as early 2013. Alas, it's already the second quarter of the year and, as we've yet to hear an official announcement from the company itself, it seems like Microsoft won't be launching these mobile apps anytime soon.

Based on the info that surfaced in 2012, Office for Android and iOS will likely be simplified versions of the Office Suite for desktop. The free apps will reportedly offer basic document reading capabilities, although choosing to sign up for the Office 365 paid service should give you basic editing capabilities.

If you can't wait to use Office on your mobile devices, know that there are many office suites, including Apple's own iWork app , for your iPad and there are many alternative office apps for your Android phone or tablet, including Quick Office

via ZDNet