magicJack Problems: Are Users or the Company to Blame?

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magicjackmagicJack, the $39.99 USB dongle that connects to your PC so that you can make low-cost calls through the internet, certainly sounds enticing. The $40 cost of entry includes one year of service, and once that has expired, subscribing  is just $19.99 per year--far lower than the price of traditional landline or cell phone subscriptions. It's easy to see the appeal: slashing your phone bill in these penny-pinching times only seems prudent. However, magicJack has also proven to be a hot-bed of controversy, at least amongst LAPTOP readers who visit this blog. Although a number have touted the effectiveness of the product, another vocal segment has claimed that the device is shoddy and lacks reliable customer support. Some have claimed that magicJack flat-out doesn't work; one person has stated that it wrecked the PC it was plugged into. When we spoke with magicJack creator Dan Borislow in April about the forthcoming updated magicJack, he mentioned the company's much-improved Better Business Bureau rating. Sure enough, when we checked it out in April it was currently at "A-" and maintains that ranking as of today.  There has been 1,357 complaints filed against magicJack in the past 36 months in which the overwhelming majority have been addressed by the company. Still, we receive passionate e-mails and posts from frustrated magicJack customers such as this one from a reader who had to deal with a lengthy 45 minute customer service hold time (after getting an unpublished magicJack phone number):
Not everyone who sits in front of a computer grew up with computers and has the necessary skills to deal with your product as it exists could try to make it more user "owners manual" would be a good start. After reading your responses to questions about complaints it appears to me that you don't  have a clue as to the needs of your customers...or maybe you just don't care!
When we spoke with Dan Borislow in April, he mentioned that a large number of retirees make up magicJack's base. Could it be that the product isn't easy enough for less-tech-savvy users to install?  Even the best devices sometimes produce errors, so its not out of the question that a certain segment of the magicJack userbase who are unaccustomed to dealing with such problems may be more likely to proclaim that it's defective. This isn't to take blame away from magicJack; clearly, the company needs to meet the needs of its customers.  And magicJack doesn't do itself any favors by having its tech support reachable only through the Web; non-techies may feel much more at ease speaking with a live human on the telephone. So we ask you, magicJack users: Is the problem the product, a lack of phone support, or not understanding how to diagnose problems that occur?
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  • robert beaulieu Says:

    1 cantfixed the program to play on my page help me please

  • dr ffrederick f russo Says:

    majicjack worked fine with window XP but since I have upgraded from window XP to window 7 optima I have no sounds on my tube as well as my majicjack set up I do have video but no sound thank you my driver is fine and updated as per computer check how do I reset sound this is my first problems with majicjack I have been using now for years

  • dr fred russo Says:

    since I have upgraded from window XP to window 7 optima I have no sounds on my tube as well as my majicjack set up I do have video but no sound thank you my driver is fine and updated as per computer check how do I reset sound

  • Spikey Says:

    I have used the MJ for nearly 4 years now with only minor issues, most of which are not the fault of MJ. The main issue is connection speed. You need a minimum of 56Kbps uplink speed for the device to work. If you are using your connection for downloads or streaming, it will affect the operation. If you are using any of several DVD burning software, they can affect the way MJ works, which is as a CD drive (Upper and Lower filter registry issues) as previously mentioned. There are also several cable companies that are (clandestinely) interfering with VOIP phone signals to try to force you to use their telephone services.

    If you try to use it from a hotel room, it likely will not work due to bandwidth restrictions placed on individual users to allow most users to have good connection speeds for average web browsing. After all, it is a single connection being shared by MANY clients at one time, including being used by the hotel itself for various purposes! If you have downgraded your ISP service to save money, you likely do not have sufficient up/down speeds to use as an internet connection AND your phone service at the same time.

    The issues with choppy calls is usually due to interference by the ISP or low bandwidth on the connection. I have tried many MJ's on different ISP connections with widely varying results from no connectivity at all, to absolutely stellar performance with the same MJ product. You can't blame the issues on the product if it works on some networks, but not others. Most of the issues with poor operation come down to low bandwidth and ISP interference. Cable ISP companies tend to be the worst offenders. ADSL connections tend to be the best, performance-wise. I work as a computer tech and this has been my experience.

    Now, to those who claim that the device is "malware" I offer this explanation. The device needs to communicate with the "home office" server to tell it the location of the device on a regular basis. Otherwise, how do you expect the call to be properly routed to your device? Cell phones do the same thing, even when you are not actively using them! Some people set their anti-virus and firewall configurations too high (I call it PARANOID mode) and this will definitely interfere with your device's ability to function. You are sending 'packets' of data out (your side of the conversation) and receiving 'packets' of data (the incoming conversation). The flow of this data needs to be as unrestricted as possible!

    The issues regarding faxing with MJ also comes down to your ISP most of the time. I have been able to send and receive faxes with EVERY MJ I have tested on my (HARD-LINE) ADSL account, even when the same device does NOT work on a cable or FIOS type connection. The issue is called "Latency" and affects all devices. A good test is to go to START, RUN and type CMD. You will get a DOS window. Type in 'ping', 'ping' or 'ping' (without the quotes) and see what the results say. If the 'time' reported is significantly higher than 100ms (100ms is 1/10th of a second), it is unlikely that a fax will work on that connection. I use both Vonage (for international) and MJ on the same connection and can fax using either. My ping times are consistently better than 60ms.

    Hopefully this will "clear the air" on many of the complaints that are simply not justified, as the consumers do not understand the underlying technology required to make the device work. Cheap lo-ball internet accounts (or trying to use a DIALUP account!) for much of the problems, while ISP meddling with data packets is another major concern. They will deny it, but my inside company contacts tell me it IS HAPPENING!

    Often I will try out my working Vonage or MJ devices on the same connections as the customer, and they DON'T WORK either. You can't blame a device for not working on a minimal or interfering ISP connection! Stop threatening the supplier (you litigious b*stards!) because I want my perfectly working devices to continue to work as advertised! Sue them out of business and we all lose! Even the smart ones :-)

  • Michelle Monty Says:

    Magic jack has caused numerous issues with our system including dropped calls, choppy conversations, issues with other computers on our network. This system works it's way in to your computer and feeds information back and possibly other malicious activities. We purchased a new computer on our network that warned us that the magic jack was considered malware of sorts. We are completely free of this system and do not recommend that the money you save is going to be worth all of the misery you will experience without knowing what is wrong with your computer.

    The main issue is that it works like a BOT. That means that without your knowledge, it collects and sends back to Magic Jack headquarters (whereever that is?) and continues as any Bot does to cause damage to your computer over time. You won't even know why and it won't be obvious.

    Thank you for listening to me as I finally had to say something about this product. I plan on going further with this knowledge and documentation as soon as I recover from 2 years of wasted problem solving.

  • Jan Says:

    majic jack was fine until i find out that they only gave me one year additional. When I sign up in January 2011 they said if I bought 3 additional years I could get it for $39.95 so I did now they tell me that my account expired in January 2013 and my canadian number which I paid an additional $10 for was experied in January 2013 I don't get it try talking to online support still no help.

  • djr Says:

    I owned a prior MJ worked fine but never renewed . Now I decided to buy THE MAGIC JACK PLUS. BIG mistake. I paid $81.64 and was decuted from credit card next day, after recevind and intalles, requeste port a number,wich they charge my card an additional$20.95 including taxes, took MJ 30 days to port number, keep saying was not on my name. I manage dto do after me filling 10 requests on site. On the aniversary of the 30 days trial period. Installed as per instruction, and didn't work, calls i made drop after salute, can't receive calls , says MAGIC JACK customer is no available, spent 8 hours first day and 4 the following, 3 more the third day, on chat trying to find problems and they told me to unplug router and moden, I think they did intentionally I asked them if I do so will be disconected, Renard says you call back and ask for me. They never found him in company, other came to help Eric, Jenny , Ayesha, Brenda, I could mention few of them. the last on Ryan says a sugestion , will never work behind a wireless router. I have no other. went visit radio shack and bought a splitter. guy at Radio s says he has one and wokrs behind wireless router, went to compu usa. and they says is the correct way. I ask to have my money refunded, the screen says there is no 30 TRIAL ORDER that match my information. I have to call another company to see if lucky enought to kiss $102. total dolars "good by" but not to loose a number I have since 1985. 3 days agonishing in chat and lost everything. If is a defective equipement have no way to know, there numbers 561 594-9787 and 561-594-2140, (found this numbers on my bank account debits from Magic jack) they never answer but have repeating recordings. Don't advise any one to buy this new Magic jack plus,
    Wish had read all this and other coment on ask .com before expending money.

  • Betty Says:

    I bought magicjack for about a year and it met all my needs. I even upgraded to the Plus and signed on for another 2 yrs.Big mistake. I have been calling my sister long distance for months with no problem. Now, out of the blue her home phone number has been assigned a conference call and will not go thru unless I purchase a international calling card. She lives in the US. I spent 4 hrs. on the line chatting with their horrible support and all they could tell me was if I wanted to call her I would have to pay. I call that false advertising. Although, I can use this (I think) for local service I would not recommend anyone to buy it. As reading the above comments it stinks. Their customer service were rude and totally unfriendly.

  • ben Says:

    Although MagicJack advertises the fact that Canadian telephone nymbers are available, they do NOT, as I live on a border and had to accept, with a fee of course, a US number.

    Now, I want to move across the country and I'm told, by one of the airheads on their chat, that I must retain tne same phone number, even though I'll be moving 3000 miles away.

    This service obviously pays their employees a minimum wage, just to guarantee they will not have the ability to think for themselves, BUT unfortunately they should understand that just because they cannot answer a query, that there ARE other options. If they prefer hiring underpaid workers, I understand that Pakis will fall over themselves running for these jobs.

  • Chris M Says:

    I haven't even tried the product yet but I am so disatisfied with the purchase and charges of nealy $500. It seems when site asked if I wanted to update to magicJackPlus they charged me for both and I was billed by two companies, Reboot Marketing for reg. majicJack and majicJack for MajicJackPlus. I still have no clue why and have decided to cancel both because of lack of customer service needs. Online live-chat is not my idea of good customer service, it tells me they don't want to deal with the public in person and it's cheaper for them to hide behind the PC screen, very impersonel.

  • Marlie D Says:

    I am having a problem faxing out. I can receive faxes but to fax out it says NG for line. Does anyone have any ideas? I have 1 pc with the magic jack and fax is hooked up right.

  • s. bruce Says:

    I hate Magic Jack, am trying to find a way to get the RMA # required to return it...suddenly they have no record of my purchase or my credit card number, altho they have already charged my card for the number transport. FUNNY HUH? I too have spent 2 whole days on line with their so-called customer support...NON-EXISTANT...I have talked to Roxanne, Anthony and Jenny...When I try to log-in to my account, I get a big flashing orange and black sign that I can't get rid of even to input my e-mail address...Can anyone tell me what's up with that????? I AM SENDING THIS SUCKER BACK...if I can get an RMA # and address, if not, I will cancel this credit card before my 30 day trial is up....I BET THEY WILL CONTACT ME THEN, what do you think?

  • MJOK Says:

    When my husband lost his job the first thig we cut out of our expenses was our highspeed internet, VOIP service and our HD cable service. I cut it all down to the very basics which left us without phone service. I ordered the Majic Jack because it was very affordable. Yes, I have had problems here and there with call quality and just recently my MJ quite working so I had to chat with support. I could have been upset at Majic Jack, but I have been an IT Tech for over 12 years so I understand how all of this works. First of all, the quality of the call is going to depend on the speed of your internet connection. I have Road Runner light, so talking on the phone with Majic jackis crystal clear until someone else is streaming video or audio on my home network. Is that Majic Jacks fault? Absolutely not. Second, when My Magic Jack quite working, I hopped on my computer and contacted their support through chat. Yes, it took a little while to get someone on the line, but I can imagine that the low price of these things, the number that they sell, and the technical understanding that it requires probably creates a demand for support that they cannot afford. Anyway, chat support did resolve my issue and guess who's issue it was? Mine. My kids had downloaded garbage on the pc that the jack was installed on and this interfered with the software. I installed it on another computer and it worked just fine. Again, that is nothing that Magicjack has any control over. I imagine this type of thing happens all the time. Do people really expect Majic Jack to employ people to solve problems that people bring on themselves? Sad, but it happens all teh time in the tech industry. Majic Jack should try to sell computer tech support too!

  • Jeff Says:

    I have had magicJack for a few months now and added another to a second computer...I very computer savvy and due to a lack of help desk support fixing the many problems I have, I have learned just remove MJ and reload it from is terrible and I have spent many hours online with them trying to get it fixed...up to the point of letting live looks access my computer...and still not fixed.
    You can talk about being happy, if I make it to my first year without trashing the whole thing I don't think I will sign up for a second year

  • José Magno dos Santos Pereira Says:

    We subscribed for MJ for 2 years, in order to talk to ou son and family who live in the USA.
    When we tried to renew our subscripton there was a mistake with Credicard, but we are sure we payed.
    My Credicard is 4032 1700 1652 4352 - Invoice value of US34,71 - R$ 271,89 payd 07/02/11.
    Our MJ phone number is 979 - 482 9519,

    Could you please solve our problem ? Thanks, José Magno dos Santos Pereira.

  • helmy hanna Says:

    My magicjack stopped working.It gives "error 401'.I desperetly need it working.What can I do??.

  • Mrs Brown Says:

    I have just bought 3 Magic Jack and register all three under different email addresses. One of the email was the office's email and as the password is sent to the email, I am not able to receive as the office program block this email so I am desperate. Is there any way to unregister the Magic Jack and register again with a new email??? Thanks a lot for the support.

  • Thomas B Says:

    I used (past tense) Magic Jack for several months without problem. But then, out of the blue, I began experiencing the voice signal cutting in and out. I spent several hours (26!) with the MJ service chat line, but none of those people could find or suggest a solution. Finally, they offered to replace my unit, provided I pay for shipping and handling ($9), and when that unit arrived and was plugged in, its signal also cut in and out. I tried the unit on my wife's computer, with the very same problem. So, I now have two MJ units, neither of which works as it is supposed to. I use Skype for video cam calls to relatives and friends in Europe--no problem at all. For domestic long distance, I am now using totally free Google Phone, and, although a bit limited, it so far presents no voice or signal problems at all. If your Magic Jack service is clear and steady, stay with it. If not, you'll likely be frustrated in your attempts to find an answer that works.

  • Veronica Says:

    I have had majic jack for a year and I have experienced the same issues that everyone have been getting. I deal with it because of the cheap product but now I am very frustrated and unhappy because I put money on my account to make international calls and I was not able to get any calls out. I requested a credit and was told that since I attended to use the product to make international calls, a credit will not be issued. I have chatted with agents for over a month and all I got was the run around. Customer service stinks, they are thieves and bad business ethics. If anyone already started a class action suit, I will be more than happy to supply my information.

  • Lili Says:

    Horrid horrid product. I only read this once I've attempted to insall and use this product. Now I'm absolutely stuck. Not impressed at all

  • Henry Ansar Says:

    I suggest to those who plan to install Magic Jack; Do a full system back up before installation. I do this and if i have a problem I just restore and problem is solved. This will not help if you have already installed it so just consider this as a heads-up for the future.

  • Dr, ADAHAN Says:


  • just browsing Says:


    Charlene Dryer Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 9:03 pm
    I have 3 magicjacks. Two are for my office, and I have disconnected all my ATT services except my internet. I have used my MagicJacks on many different computers and with many different internet connections. Most of the few problems I have encountered were with computer problems (memory low, etc.) or slow internet connections (go to to check yours). I love my Magicjacks. I will be getting another one soon, purchasing the 5 year program for my existing ones and buying Magicjacks for everyone I care enough about to spend $39.95 on for the holidays.

    I am so intrigued by the guys who say they are using MJ for faxing. I’ll probably buy two and use one for my fa number

    One feature that no one really talks about that I really love is the voicemail in email. This feature allows you to save voicemails to your computer in a client file forever.

    I say:

    Really Charlene, sounds like the plug you make for magic jack, you could be perceived as an employee in their marketing dept. Nothing but good things to say and 3 units(buying 5yrs up front), potentially buying two more and no problems, really???.

    That voicemail feature you speak of sounds just dandy, too bad when the MJ jacks up your entire pc, one will have to do a system restore and lose everything unless they back up to an external drive creating a folder for hundreds of emails that will have to be transferred one at a time. What fun that will be.

    An answering machine would be just that much easier and one would not have to phone in or look at their email.

    Whoopsy, here is a feature you do not list, too bad you can't use a digital machine unless you set it to 3 rings as MJ defaults to 4 rings and is not possible to change unless they make a system upgrade for it, which in over 5yrs they have not. I do not know anyone that runs to the phone in two rings hoping to beat the machine.

    I will give you an employee"s # that does work there and maybe if people call and complain to her she might make something happen, or change her #. Heck, maybe she is not even real, she never has returned my calls.

    Public Relations for magicJack LP
    Kari Hernandez, 512-382-8982


    I GOT MY SPEAKERS WORKING!! Well one down, 2 drives to go.

    Under Audio and Sounds, I switched ALL 3 default playback SOUNDS, RECORDING AND MUSIC PLAYBACK


    15 hrs of support with MJ techs and sr techs and I figured it out. They are worthless!

    I know they just read from a screen that tells them how to trouble shoot different scenarios.

    The MJ may not work now but who cares, I'll take it back to Walgreens for a full refund.

    I only bought a yrs worth even though many, many times they tried to suck me in for 2,4 and 5 yrs upon registration. Do not do it! Over 5 yrs, you may save a whopping 20 bucks, why risk it?

    People that do like this unit, only do one yr at a time, you have no clue where they will be in 5 yrs....probably shutdown as cable will figure a way to block their device from working. Cox tried like hell to get me to keep the phone and whole bundle complete.

    I am sure Cable Co engineers are trying to figure a way to block this device.


    Better think many times before you run that little bad boy. I thought I was saving $$. It has cost me 10 times the trouble after installing it and mostly from their tech support people, not knowing what they are doing. When they know they really screwed your PC up, they cut your chat off completely for you to call in all over again and start the horrid process again.

    Today, from 7pm until 3am on straight chat with them accept when they cut you off, and you start all over from square one and NOBODY WILL BOTHER TO EVEN ATTEMPT to read the prior session. I went through 5 diff people alone today and 8 hours straight, not exaggerating one bit. They only know the basics. That is it. I bought the mj unit on Jan 3rd, 2010. Since installing it, it took 5 hrs the first day and when they were finally done, my speaker icon disappeared from the tool bar and now can now longer be found under audio and sound in control panel. I have no sound even though the speakers are all plugged in same as before they did anything.

    When they finally did get the mj running, after running many of their marvelous upgrades they want you to click on and run while in support, my DVD drive and separate CD Rom drive both do not work now. I have spent 15 hrs total trying to get them to undo WTF they did, even allowing their techs to remotely take my cpu over, which by the way will take an addition minimum of an hour for you to wait for a sr tech to come to the line, that does not include the 5 hrs you spent getting to that point. If you do get lucky and get a sr tech, you better be watching or they will end the chat once they come on if you do not respond instantly. So you get to wait hours and they will not wait for you one minute. Its flat out rediculous.

    Every time a new tech did come on, they completely ignored what I was telling them, completely refused to read the past chat session, and literally have you do the same damn thing over and over and over. I bet I chatted with 10 different techs total and 5 of them were supposedly their top 10%, then their were the addional 2 sr techs I had to wait minimum of an extra hour each for the remote tech to take your pc over. They are clueless and ignore you when you tell them the last 5 guys tried the same thing and it didn't work, so do something different.

    These are their favorite commands, they must all use a cheat sheet, because it's what every single tech did over and over.

    dxdiag.exe..........that is your cpu's directx diagnostic tool

    system restore to prior date........... which btw never works, anytime I tried system restore on my own as well, it would never accept another date to go back to. try to upgrade your drivers, they really love that one, its everyone's fav at MJ

    firewall.cpl.................really, turning off my firewall will bring my speakers back, unbelievable they can re-enable all of your icons that you personally had disabled yrs ago, and now your pc is back to a crawl on start up.

    That's it, aside from a view links they want you to click on that they provide, which ultimately screwed my drives. That is all they know how to do.

    Now my cpu is totally jacked up thanks to magic jack and their horrid support team. Seriously, if you are thinking of running this, put it on a cpu that you do not care what happens to it. Now I am going to have to pay Dell support to get my dual tray burner and cd-rom and speakers working again that is if it id even possible. Not kidding, none of these work anymore.

    The thing that really burns me is my cpu warned me when he wanted to run a link he provided, it said "warning, running this program may make your DVD player/ burner inoperable" I told him specifically what the warning said and he said " ignore it, it will be fine" I told him if it screws up my drive, I'll be super ticked, he said, "don't worry, it will come back after reboot" Thanks to that Jack_SS, they quit working!

    Did the phone ever work, yeah it did. Was it worth me losing 2 separate drives, dual tray DVD burner/ player and CD rom drive and the speakers not to mention the lost nights, NFW!

    Oh, one last thing, be prepared to be prompted to buy additional yrs, warranty, insurance, vanity #'s, etc, etc. There are like 8 different things they try to get you to buy over and over with your CC through the install process.

    To those of you that had a good experience, consider yourself very lucky.

  • Tom Says:

    Dave -

    I too wanted to usemy MJ for a fax line, but it wouldn't work. Aftera chat with their CS, I was told that it wasn't intended to work with a fax machine. It would have been very nice if they would mention that in their advertising!

  • Tom Says:

    Not only was the audio quality poor from the first time I plugged it in (echoing, ratcheting, very noisy, dropped phrases), I also had to reboot both my PC and MajicJack at least twice a week (sometimes twice a day) to keep it working. Over the course of this past year, I have spent at least 35 hours in chats with their totally ineffective and knowledge-less support staff. The above-quoted chat with "poor customer" is a fine example of how these would go. No matter how many times I would explain the problems to them, they would always end up suggesting something else was wrong, or telling me my PC, Internet, or phone was the problem, and suggesting worthless 'solutions' that never fixed anything!

    I am a retired Broadcast Enginer. I know how telephones, computers and the internet work. None of these could have been the cause of my problems. I also know that the entity formerly known as 'Ma Bell' would ALWAYS blame your equipment, your connections, etc, instead of admitting that they were at fault (On many occaisions, I challenged them, and proved it WAS their problem!). It looks like MagicJack has adopted Ma Bell's attitude of always blaming the customer.

    Now that my 1st year is up, I have installed my MagicJack where it belongs - in the trash can - and gone back to Vonage! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, and if you do, Heaven help you.

  • Nigel Says:

    My Magic Jack worked fine for about one and a half years. Then it would not call some numbers within my area code. I contact them via chat. Three weeks go by with no response. I contact them again and within an hour the phone will not call any number anywhere. Then it goes back to calling only some numbers in the area code.
    I think they tried to fix it. I was very happy with this service for the first year and a half but I would not recommend using this as your only phone. It sends my incoming messages to email which I get on my cell which is good.

  • Dave Says:

    i just got my magic jack for faxing on my laptop from the road. im a truck driver and it wouldd be so much easier to fax from anywhere but i cannot get my fax to go through using magic jack. please anyone help. im using a brand new HP fax machine, maybe someone could let me know what to do to make it work. im stimped. thanks

  • Len Piasecki Says:

    I purchaseed a mj and for a while it worked great, now nothing but priblems. I can't call 618-787-xxxx,618-249-xxxx and my call forwarding doesn't work. Magic Jack knows about ehese problems but has elected to do nothing about them saying it would be too costly to fix. Yet in their commercial nothing is said about not being able to call certain areas of the country. False advertising or what?

  • Premasis Says:

    Hi there, If anyone having problem with toggle the telephone. Here is the solution.

    1. It might be the reason that the USB Handset (speaker and Mic) is disable.
    2. to enable it please right click on the sound icon on taskbar and select Playback devices.
    3. Then right click and select 'Show disabled devices' Enable all the USB Handset, do the same in Recordings tab.

    Now try to toggle it it Telephone Mode.

    This works for me...

    But Sad the MJ Techsupport could not resolve it. I did myself.

  • J.D. Says:

    When it works, magicJack works great for me. Unfortunately, they have blocked a bunch of area codes and exchanges in rural areas (including Alaska) because of the high cost of connect fees. We've had to purchase a long distance calling card for those calls which defeats the purpose of magicJack with "free calls" to the U.S. which isn't true.

  • Kellas Says:

    I was very happy with magicjack. We signed up and paid for the initial 6 years right off the bat. Since I have a 2 year old who would try and pull it out and inevitably break it we decided to leave it unplugged. We still received voicemails and had our cell phones, so it was no problem. After a year though and not having it plugged in for quite some time I tried to use it and it didn't work. I found the original email from magicjack which contained a renewal code. After signing into their website I found a spot for it and "applied" it. Well, it immediately changed my phone #. When I contacted their excuse for customer service they said my phone number had been revoked and deactivated and there was no way to get it back. When I tried to explain that I had already paid for another 5 years that apparently didn't matter and there was nothing they could do. Then I was told that they would submit it to upper management and I should be contacted via email. I never received an email and when I contacted customer support again they said that basically it would never go to upper management b/c it was not possible to get the # back. They also said I'd never be contacted via email b/c they have a 24/7 chat. Needless to say I was EXTREMELY disasspointed in their customer service and their company. I suggested that customers should at least get 1 email to say their initial service has expired and that you must provide a renewal code even if you initially paid for 6 years.

  • marilyn Says:

    Bought mj over a year ago and have not had any problems with it. I have a old computer in the basement which I installed mj on I renewed mj in march and hopefully will do again next march. I cancelled my land line and have a cell phone just in case the power goes out when it stormes. I highly recommend mj. I save over a hundred dollars a month. I'm 60 and not computer smart.

  • BKJ Says:

    Can you FAX with Magic Jack? ? I haven't been able to make that work yet.

  • JW Says:

    I was in love with the potential of mj, I could travel anywhere in the world and call the USA with no problem, but sometimes the call clarity was poor but I could put up with that, but the service stunk. These people did not know what they were doing and it was a mess, I finally converted to Skype which is great, if you just want to make phone calls it is is $2.99 per month and $18 to get a tele #, comes out to the same.

  • Mathew Caplan Says:

    Definately product. I do computer repair for the district courts in my state so its easy to understand I am well computer savvy. I ended up repairing a computer for another individual customer whose machine had all but destroyed its ability to start up. I ended up having to rebuild the entire system from scratch and had it working beautifully. Finished and plugged in his magic jack and soon as I tried to restart the system it was back to the exact same prob as before. Unplugged magicjack, did a bios reset and good as new. MagicJack has way to many issues both in the hardware and software of its system... do yourself a favor... USE SKYPE!!!!

  • jim kink Says:

    purchased mj for a 2nd line for fax. Forget it. It works about 2% of the time. For strictly voice calls it's fine. Wish they'd fix the faxing out issue

  • Charlie St Pierre Says:

    Will the Magic Jackwork with Ipod?

  • Matt B Says:

    Majic Jack works well most of the time. My wife and I use it to call family and friends in Brazil. We sent two MJ's to Brazil, so the calls are free. We also buy the international minutes, which is cheaper than Skype Out (since Skype charges the "connection fees"). Occasionally we cannot get the calls to Brazil landlines or cell phones to work. In that case, we spend the extra $0.13 connection fee using Skype. I feel like such a cheap bastard complaining about $0.13... I sure get used to not paying squat for phone calls!!! My advice is this: use a MJ and have a backup phone, whether it's a cell phone, vonage, skype, etc..

  • Robert B Says:

    Occasional connection static, which is totally acceptable for having only to pay for having such freedom. However, my entire family from Canada cannot call me without a busy signal. I have spoken with 3 techs on 3 different occasions who just refer me to other techs, who I believe are paid to stall customers to the point to where they give up.

  • dss247 Says:

    It's now April 13th and I'm getting very tired of have to keep e-mailing and phoning the company "" just to get no response to the where abouts of my $212.00

    I sent them back in January. I have even tried to phone this Neil Adams guy who posts his phone number everywhere he goes but there is no such person when I call it.."You have the wrong number" is what I've been told twice when I called.

    Does this company even exist, Did I sent my money into outer space. I have since picked up a usb magicjack that works just fine from a local dealer so I at least have a phone until one day by "magic" the ata shows up. I was not aware about the other magicjack company running out of Hamilton,Ontario until it was to late.

    I have demanded a refund of my money and not heard a word, I can't even get them on the phone now.
    Stay clear of these thieves in Vancouver
    I'll post an update if anything happens

  • MZB Says:

    A friend of mine bought one with a 5-year plan. It "expired" in one year - because the unit came with 1 year of service included.
    My friend was expected to renew service using a special 5-year-plan code. After a year, the original materials were ... secure.
    However, magicJack does have a chat help service (takes some digging through their FAQ system) and we got it going again.
    My friend was surprised to learn there's 5 years left, not 4!
    I suggest some complaints about magicJack call quality have roots in issues solveable only by a networking/computing guru.
    Chats can only help so much. Try-before-you-buy applies - and you must deal with it promptly.
    Ringing is limited by the REN, or Ringer Equivalence Number, which adds up quickly with some phones - has to be 1.00 or less.

  • GC Says:

    It should be called Magic Crap. I have spent hours with MJ support trying to fix the audio problems I am having. No luck so far.

  • AB Ceneta Says:

    Purchased Magicjack in 2008 and it will expire in 2013 for I subscribed for 5 years because I'd like to save money from my phone bill as what the ads says on tvs. Never have problem for about almost 2 years but in this year, my MJ can not receive call. I can call but receiving call is impossible because it is always busy line. I tried calling my Magicjack from my workplace, can't get through because the line is always busy. Now saving money from my phone bill is not true because I can't cancel qwest phone service, actually I made a terrible mistake by getting 5 year subscription with MJ. MagicJack's Tech Support can not do anything good for their device. I chatted with 4 technicians but non of them solved this kind of issue.

  • Pat Murphy Says:

    I purchased a MajicJack for my brother, who was being deployed to IRAQ. He is technology challenged, so I also purchased him a new HP laptop ... installed Skype, ... It was two months later ... he never tested anything. Finally, he called me from Iraq via Skype (which I also pre-tested). He could not access his MajicJack at all. I had forgotten all his account information ... except for the phone number, and my e-mail address (which I originally configured the MajicJack up for). I first used the MajicJack homepage, to retrieve the logon password (sent via e-mail) to retrieve the on-line password for this account. Got it within 10 seconds. Next, since I had changed the voice-mail password, I used the MajicJack Chat tool. Within 2-minutes, I was able to use my home (Vonage) phone to call and re-setup his voice-mail. I'm now thinking about getting rid of Vonage, and going with MajicJack for my home!!! Great Support at MajicJack!!!

  • hank Says:

    it's a comcast conspiracy to sabotage the competition

  • Tndrft Says:

    Ordered two products with 30 day free trial before credit card was to be used. Hello!!! card was used twice before product was even shipped once for $46.90 and once for $183..80 both on 02/08/2010. Never could get the things to work. Have Hughes Network for internet provider. When I submit request for return instructions was advised that they have no record of my purchase within the last 30 days. today is 02/18/2010. that is only ten days from the shipment day. Why the misinformation as to the card not to used until trial peroid was over, why card used two times and what the hell is the outlandish amount being charged. I have documentation for all the above.
    without proper and prompt reply I will cause them more money than if they would refund .

  • roy Says:

    I have several solutions to correcting poor audio quality when using Magicjack, especially the problem with calls fading in and out. I will send you these tweak adjustments for a nominal fee of $1.00. What do you have to lose........nothing. These adjustments have been successful 90% of the time and will not cause any problems with your PC. You can contact me at for more information.

  • MajikJakUser Says:

    I tend to use VPN - doesn't work at all through a VPN. There is an unaddressed issue regarding domain policy and working off the VPN and outside of the domain that reflects permission issues that come and go in the Windows 7 environment. Installing products that use (less than) Net Framework 3 can trigger the permission issues. (Users/[username]/ApplicationData/mjusbsp/ (see security - folder owner). It may not necessarily be Magic Jack that causes the issue, but the reliance on the administrator not losing the required permission for Magic Jack (magicjackloader.exe) to run with permissions is an issue.

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