magicJack Scoop: New Features, New Device Coming in 2009-2010

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You’ve read the news and reviews online. You've seen the TV spots. Magicjack has proven to be a surprise hit device since its launch in 2007, and - on this site at least - has proven to be a hot topic that has  stirred passionate debate about the low-cost, plug-and-play telephony service ($39.99 with one year of service included in price). In that time, magicJack has seen over 700 bug fixes and improved customer service, which has seen its Better Buisness Bureau rating jump to an "A-" (previously, it was a "F"). And with sales totalling over 3 million units, it looks like the company is thriving. Still, magicJack inventor Dan Borislow isn't resting on his product's success; big plans are in motion that will expand magicJack's functionality. After the jump, Mr. Borislow's big plans for magicJack.
  • New magicJack: In Q3 2009 or Q1 2010, there are plans to release a new magicJack model that will utilize femtocell technology to enable users to shuffle their GSM phone calls through a magicJack to save minutes and boost indoor call quality. The connection will be wireless, and ride a portion of cellular spectrum. According to Borislow "it'll be just a little bigger [than the current magicJack] and the expense will be just a few dollars more." It'll also feature a revamped 911 system that uses triangulation to plot your current location.
  • Number-porting: One of magicJack's most requested features, the ability to transfer existing numbers to magicJack, should arrive "within the next 60 days." This will be available to both current and new magicJacks.
  • Linux compatibility: Mac and PC users have been using magicJack for some time now, but Linux has been left out in the cold--but not much longer. According to Borislow, Linux compatibility should be available "3rd quarter of this year."  This addition will be available to both current and new magicJacks.
  • A downloadable application for mobile phones: more on this as information becomes available. Could it compete with the recently released Skype for iPhone?
Clearly, magicJack is continuing its assault on the telecommunications space. If the company can maintain its level of customer service (which was one of the biggest complaints that users had when the product initially launched), it just may give gabbers more reasons to ponder ditching their landlines.  So tell us what you think: Do the new magicJack features tempt you enough to cut the landline cord?
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  • tom Says:

    is anyone else who is on magic jack having a problem with " dropped calls " ? also a bit of ' cutting out ' , especially just before "dropped call" .

  • DAVID Says:


  • Debra Bergey Says:

    I have had similar problems with MagicJack anyone interested I have contacted the State Attorney General of Florida at this web address On the right side of the screen it says file a complaint ( I called and was informed they have over 200 complaints in their office about magicJack. If you want ANYTHING done about it file this complaint online with Pam Bondi Florida Attorney Generals office.
    Also I contacted a class action attorney in Orlando who forwarded my email to a class action attorney in West Palm Beach Jeff Liggio email If you want to file a class action suit email this attorney if he sees enough emails with disgruntled customers of this scam he will surely take this case and sue the crap out of Daniel Borislow in Federal Court! Publix lost millions in a class actions suit. Its about time Daniel Borislow pays the customers he ripped off

  • janna Says:

    iam from canada, i purchased magic jack plus, i love it works great, now i can make all the long distance calls no worries about my phone bill, and it was so easy to register and set up, iam telling all my friends here in canada
    to order a magic jack they won't be disipointed, also i think it helps to have highspeed internet. no problems with
    my original magicjack that i have had now for 3 years. and magic jack plus awesome , everyone should own magic
    jack plus.

  • wison st juste Says:

    I have a magick jack,this is the second time -It hapenedto me I did everything -but no way to make a call-they sent me my password back ,.I tried it please help me with this problem-product of 2009-The phone is (617) 391-7551-Please fix it for mo ,Thank you.

  • Clair Says:

    I try to call myself from my friends cell phone but it dosent ring it just sends me a sound-less pop up that says "blah blah is trying to call you" so when I'm away from my phone I will not know people are trying to call me.and I also can't get voicemail. It sends me a pop up saying" I have a new voicemail" so I press ok and I go into MagicJack and I press the voicemail button but it just shows my phone number and goes "beep beep beep" then hangs up. It says I have a voicemail but the only way I can get it is from my e-mail. Does Anyone know what to do? Please help. I don't have a real phone just a iPod touch 4 generation. Anyone know what to do?

  • mojo9156 Says:

    If you're MJ is sending calls directly to voicemail you have to change a few settings on your computer. Go to the device manager and the network adapter, then make sure your computer isn't turning off your network adapter to save power. You'll also have to do the same thing to the USB port that it's plugged into. My Magicjack works perfectly now!

  • Julius Says:

    I hope MagicJack they will support Ubuntu Linux...

  • Irving Says:

    Got my Brother 575 fax machine to receive a fax with magicJack. The thing is you must know when the fax will be incoming because you need to pick up the handset. magicJack voice mail picks up the call after 4 rings. You need to set your fax ring delay to 2 rings. When the fax starts coming in, pick up the handset after 2 rings. You will hear the fax tone through the handset. Put back the handset on the hook. Now voice mail will not answer and your fax machine will receive your fax.

  • Irving Says:

    Candice, go to their website (you can access it from the magicJack) and chat with a customer rep, they'll help you. They have improved their customer support a whole lot from a couple years ago.

  • Irving Says:

    Candy, you cannot receive collect calls.

  • Irving Says:

    I've had magicJack since it's inception. Currently running my second unit (first one crashed) and it's my home phone. One feature I like is when I'm not home and someone leaves a message on the voicemail, I get an e-mail on my cell phone with a .wav file so I can listen to the message wherever I may be. One thing I don't like is that I can't receive faxes on my Brother 575 fax machine. I can send faxes but cannot receive because the vioce mail picks up the call before the fax machine can grab the signal. If anyone knows a workaround this, please advise.

  • candy Says:

    Question? Can you recieve collect calls on Magic Jack?

  • Mike swaney Says:

    I love my magic jack. Most of the naysayers I have seen on here don't know what they are talking about. My bet is most are using the cheapest DSL their IPS offers and magic jack need at least 1.5megs to function properly. So complainers dust off those wallets and put out an extra 10 dollars a month for DSL that will get you the bandwidth needed to make your magic jack work and quit blaming the makers.



  • Candice Says:

    Hi....I love my majicjack so far. Except that local incoming calls are being picked up as long distance. Sooooooo no one is calling me on my majicjack. Trying to get someone to fix this problem seems to be a hard thing to do. The Canadian web site does not work. There is a phone number that you can call and leave a message, but what happens then, nothing so far. This has been going on for over a week. No one gets back to you. I have left my email and reference number with them and still here I wait for some help. Also to get another number. You go in and there are no numbers, or how can you get into the vanity numbers? I hope there is actually help out there.

  • Guido Says:

    Everywhere I try to call now I get a busy signal or "all circuits are busy try again later" message? Is magicjack getting ready to go under?

  • pancakes Says:

    i think the MJ is a very good thing they came out with but i have had some problems with it, it cuts me off when i talk to someone down my street, it works great for long distance, but not ver good with short distances.

  • Chris Says:

    Your are limited to available area codes, you also are limited to the number of calls you may make or receive per day via there (TOS).
    Not worth it...
    Defiantly a Scam....
    Tech support conversation.

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Tammy'

    Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43603886559X

    Tammy: Hello, how may I help you?

    Chris: Hello Tammy I just purchased the magicJack and it gave me a Indy phone number with a 812 area code, I live in sothern indiana and the area code is 812 is there anyway to chane this.

    Chris: sorry 317 area code is what it gave me

    Tammy: Yes, you can change mj phone number in your account.

    Chris: it say it cost $10 to do so?

    Tammy: Please be informed that changing/adding mj phone number has a nominal fee of $10.

    Chris: wow i never told it to give me this number this area code is not even in my prefix and local call will be imposiable for anyone to contact to me local with calling long distance.

    Tammy: Are you the one who register the mj device?

    Chris: Yes

    Tammy: We can no longer change the nominal fee as that is the company's policy.

    Chris: Ok will ill just return it I new there was a catch to this, it really does me no good if my mother who lives next door to me have to place a long distance call to call me. This is funny stuff thank you for your time.

    Tammy:Is there anyting further I can help you with.

    Chris No this will make a great review on the net, thank you and have a great evening.

  • msjaafil Says:


  • Curt Says:

    I tryed Magicjack as soon as it came out, at the time I was using Vonage which had major problems with my Comcast cable box, tryed several boxes same deal. My first experence with MJ was way better than Vonage as far as compatability with Comcast cable boxes, call quality was as good as Vonage or better, MJ had a few problems with droped calls, I know the later devices worked better but the 4 ring rule I wish could be changed but to make a long story short I have been running my business with it for going on 4 years.

    You need a good internet connection and faxing don't work as well as people are moving to online faxing, I like the device and will keep using it waiting on a MJ Pro or an upgraded device.

  • Doug Says:

    MajicJack just killed my account for a total BS reason..they said I exceeded by 20 times the limit of calls on my account?>??
    I call 2 hours a day LD to my Girlfriend on my MJ and this is 20 times the average?... is the clincher..they wantedme to .renew my account right now (after three months into my first year).. and gave me a killer (?) deal to sign up for five years..and then they would promptly disconect my service ??? this has got to be breaking some laws..!~!! Even the tech help said she didnt like it but her hands were tied...they killed my sad..grrr what a P.O.S.!! ...people..DONT BUY!!!

    call quality was horrible..only occasionaly was it good..most times it was chopped up voice or dropped calls! ugh...

    junk , jUNK J U N K !!!

  • Korey Says:

    Google has MJ beat. You can call anywhere in the us for free with Google. Sign up for a gmail account. That gives you access to the free outbound service. Then sign up for a Google Voice account which is also free for the inbound service. And Google Voice has a ton a features MJ does not.

  • Progresso Says:

    I'm thinking of buying a MJ but I need to know if they have the number portability up and running yet??? Anyone out there with an answer? I have Brighthouse VOIP phone service now and I have had problems since the day I got it. Numerous modem changes, quite often the service doesn't work and this is a security risk. Not only does my burgler alarm fail when the service isn't working but in the middle of the night if there is an emergency the first phone I pick up is my home phone and I have no dial tone. I have to wake up enough to grab my cell phone and those are wasted seconds.

    I look foward to dumping my VOIP landline. My only options are to go strictly with my cell, buy a MJ, or go back to AT&T. I can tell you, MJ appears to be the answer. I agree with SAL A MANDER. Lots of competition plants out here.

  • sal a mander Says:

    william goat and anyone else out there thinking this is not ready for p[rime time must be in denial.
    i ditched my landline less then 30 days after i bought this awesome little box.
    maybe they work for the competitor or something. do yourselfa favor and dump your landlind and put the money you was using to pay the phone bill in a savings account. then after a year go to hawaii or something.

  • Carl Says:

    I bought mine last May and was initially very pleased. Now, after experiencing a full day without any phone service at and a completely failed support system I am having very serious second thoughts. Of course, I've already paid for my first year and they have my money. What makes the current situation even worse is that anyone calling my number gets the message "that number is no longer in service". It has been a long, long time since I've been so totally disgusted with a product and its support. New users be warned. When it's working it's fine, when it's not - you're up the creek with no options.

  • neil p Says:

    i bought one middle of july im in ont canada cost me 10bucks for a local number . works great not a problem with it . for 30 bucks a year lets see bell or rogers even come close to that . im a fan my phone bills were running around 75 bucks a month im a winner already . as i flip one at bell and rogers . lol

  • cHAIM Says:

    Let us see. As a regular first phone, I would vote no. As reported a yr ago, the cost to leave a computer on all the time is expensive. Maybe now with a small $200 used netbook it would make sense but then one has to have internet at home all the time. I have had great difficulty with Magic jack as it usually quits being reliable after about an hour or two of being on line. But for $20/yr it is great for travel. I use it all the time when I travel out of the city. It is also great for those who live overseas and want toronto numbers. If it could send faxes it would be helpful and if it was able to CALL FORWARD I would imagine I would use it all the time for my out of town clients to be able to call locallya and I would not have to pay long distance. It would be worth a lot more to me then. Again for $20 you can't go wrong

  • don Says:

    Well today is August 2nd and still no porting...

  • CArmen Says:

    I've been told that on August 1st FOR SURE porting will be allowed. You should be able to get rid of your home line and port that number to MJ. YEs, August 1st, 2010. Keeping my fingers crossed. THey promised....

  • Pete Hook Says:

    I have used MJ for about 2 years now.In the beginning there were some connection problems, but after solving them, things were ok.
    Then for about a year or so, connections were quite good, excellent voice quality even on international calls.
    But since about a year ago - July'09 - ,things started deteriorating - connections were dropped very frequently.
    Sometimes after 2 min ,other times 5-10 min.If I was lucky I'd get 20 min out of it.

    The weirdest thing was that the audio dropped on my side.The other party could hear my voice,but I couldn't hear them.Ending the call and redialling resulted in the same thing - could not even hear ringtone.
    The only way to re-connect was to unplug MJ and start fresh.
    Have been on support chat for hours - they blame the phone, firewall etc etc -None of those settings were changed.
    Different phone - no change.Firewall always allows MJ to connect, AV the same.
    The updates they suggested didn't work either - I checked them afterwards and they were meant to resolve Vista
    and Win7 problems ,but I'm using MJ on XP SP3
    Support cannot detect any problems with the connection and can't explain the dropped calls,but I suspect that it may be the servers I connect to.

    Apart from the connection problems ,voice quality has also deteriorated - lots of echo on International calls.
    Other long distance is accompanied with lots of crackling noises, fade outs etc
    One could say it's my line -well ,I'm on a 10Mb cable and other services, like Yahoo voice or Google voice or Skype ot TeamViewer Voice or any other VOIP services , don't have this problem.

    If it weren't for the fact that I paid for 5 yrs in advance , I would ditch MJ in no time flat.
    They have now become extremely unreliable and I wouldn't recommend it to anybody anymore.

    It may well be that in other parts of the country (US or CA) connections are better,but for me it's become a dud.

  • Bill Carson Says:

    JUly 12, 2010-- I have a full day trying to get the MJ to work on a new laptop, with no other applications running, over a cable modem with 8 mg download and 3 mb upload. Still every other word or so cuts out. I spent 2 hours on web chat with their "top 10%" tech guy and still it has severe cutting out problems. I"m sick of this thing. I wanted to like it and use, but if it won't work, it won't work!

  • Ember Says:

    I ask a friend to buy me a magic jack in the us, but can i use the said gadget to call somebody in jordan or other parts of the globe aside to us and canada?

  • Steven Says:

    I bought my first MJ the month it went on sale. I have been extremely satisfied. I live 12 hours away from my home town and use the number forwarding feature so that my family can call me on a local number and it forwards to me 4 states away on my home phone as a local call for anyone there wanting to call me just like I was in town with no long distance charges. I have one for my home phone and one for my cell phone and they work great. I also travel and stay in hotels for work and use my MJ with my laptop and the hotels wifi for outgoing calls and save cell minutes. The only problem that I have is it works with Microsoft but does not work with Linux however this would not be a problem for most users. I would highly recommend it for the way I use it.

  • John Lewis Says:

    I bought two magic jacks and gave one to granddaughter. She moved so just let the jack go for a couple years. I used mine and still do today as signed up for five years. Now I wanted to re-activate the old magic jack and can't remember the password so the magic jack people I have to buy another as if I stole this one and not been used for two years at lease. After two hours plus of yelling and then the lad said I will let our repair people take care of it as I can't start it. So, I am now cancelling my five year one as well. These people will RIP YOU OFF if you don't remember the password or able to prove you paid for it. They want another $39.00 first. Go to Skype at lease also able to use sms there. Plus calls are cleearer as well as better !

  • MIguel Hampton Says:

    I love the Magic Jack, I have two that I use for business...

    I had a client ask me why I didn't have a local number, in my head I laughed.
    I then went back to my home office and programmed my MJ to a Local KY number, guess what I am still doing business in KY.
    Just recently, I hired a free lance consultant to help me on a new project and the only phone he had was an VA phone number and he needed a KY number... So MJ to the rescue, once again!

    I am a Magic Jack fan for 3 years now...

  • Natalia Says:

    I am VERY happy with the MJ. Except I dont like the fact that you can not use it to fax. If they came out with some sort of adapter to hook it up with that would be great!

  • Jabeen Says:

    I saw magic jack in operation at a friend's while in Tanzania, and I would like to get two devices --
    one for my home in Tanzania and one for use in Canada. I plan to buy two magic jacks from Best Buy in
    New York, is that OK to do for use in those two countries? And how do I add the international plan once
    I've left the store?

  • Dustin Says:

    It's usually free. You also control your number after a new bill was passed back in 2004 by President Bush. As long as you pay your bill you are good to port to a new carrier. This website give a timeline for number ports with all the major carriers and prepaids

  • Avro Says:

    Ok, I've seen a lot of BS about the magic jack that I have to assume is being propagated by phone company plants or people with defective computers that blame the magic jack for the problems. All I can do is tell you my experience so here goes:

    I lived in the GTA for a long time and I've had a cell phone but no land service. Last August I moved to Sherbrooke, Québec to attend university. As was expected, first-year students cannot find work in Sherbrooke because the second-year students have the jobs locked up. As a result, I looked for any method possible to reduce my living expenses and there were a few things I did that proved to have a significant impact. One was car insurance, it's less than half the cost in Québec that it is in Ontario. The other was getting unlimited DSL internet. With that, I was able to forego cable TV because I could see all the shows I wanted on CTV, CBC and Global's websites. I worked at tigerdirect and we were selling the magic jack. I realised that this would be another great way to save money since Sherbrooke was already LD from everyone I knew, I decided that having a US-based number wouldn't matter. I even was able to cancel my cellphone because my university has WiFi all over campus and since I use a laptop for everything anyway, I would simply use the magic jack at school with ear buds and the built in mic on my laptop. I have a massive gaming desktop rig so my laptop is rather primitive. It's an eMachines E620-5885 with an AMD Athlon 64 2650e 1.6GHz single-core processor and 2GB of DDR2-667 RAM. It has 2 USB v2.0 ports and the magicjack is amazing with it. Even at Dunkin' Donuts in NDG where they have WiFi for customers, using my phone there just costs me the price of a cup of coffee that i would have bought anyway. For everyone who says that using a magic jack requires a fast computer, they're full of it. The computer I use at home for the magic jack is almost 10 years old. It's a Dell Latitude C610 with an ancient Intel Pentium-3 processor running at 1.0GHz, it has only 512MB of RAM and an old USB v1.0 port! When I was in Sherbrooke, I used a wired ethernet connection because that laptop doesn't have built-in WiFi (it's too old). I only do this because I figure it saves the NetGear PCMCIA wireless card I bought for it since the router is under my kitchen table and the laptop is on it. I am very happy to report that the magic jack works equally well with WiFi as it does with a wired connection. Even at a decent distance and a bitrate of only 18.0Mbps it's flawless. It's best to keep in mind that even that fastest home internet speeds don't generally exceed 10Mbps, anything over 10Mbps will perform the same. I won't say there haven't been issues because there has. There was a time when it wouldn't download my contacts properly and yes, the live agents are as retarded as live agents are everywhere else (they seem to try to prove there's something wrong with YOUR computer first) but in the end, magic jack released fixes for all the bugs and I haven't had an issue since. The issues lasted for about a month but considering what I paid and the fact that the issues didn't stop me from being able to place calls, I can't really complain all that much, although it was a real pain in the caboose at the time. The magic jack offers a messaging service similar to what Bell and Rogers offer, call-waiting and call-display that stores call history. It can be used with a normal land phone, cordless phone, computer headset (wireless or wired) or a microphone/earbud combo (that includes built-in mics). Overall it has been an absolute godsend to me and has given me tons of entertainment as I see the faces of people light up as they watch me use it. I also love letting them use it themselves and see their faces as they make an LD call in perfect quality on a phone plugged into little box plugged into my laptop which is not plugged into anything (WiFi on battery). They often say that the magic jack is perfectly named because it seems like magic what that little box can do. What can I say, I agree. I do not work for magic jack and never have. I'm just a student at Bishop's University who really thinks that from a telecommunications standpoint, this is the wave of the future.

  • Sonja Lopez Says:

    Initially I found magicjack to be pretty reliable and a good scondary source for longdistance, but most recently I have found that my magicjack uninstals itself, choppy reception, dropping calls at random. I am now looking for an alternative device, which is annoying because I purchased the 5 year plan.

  • upx Says:

    I just paid $20 for my 3rd year of MJ.
    But the quality is unreliable... often requiring a callback or two.
    And from Phoenix to San Francisco Area, the voice quality is so bad, that I HAVE to call via Google Voice -- and even after that, I still have to call them back every once in a while when the quality degrades.
    Combined with the savings from my T-Mobile prepaid cell phone (~$60/yr), I'm probably saving at least $600/yr over the common phone system/plans.

  • Thomas Howell Says:

    My father in law has been using it for quite a while now and highly recommends it. As soon as a Linux version is available, I will make the switch

  • Seth Lieberman Says:

    I have a magicJack and turbocharged it by adding the Magicfeatures and Skyjack plugins. It now has caller id name, call blocking and call recording. I can also make and receive Skype calls from the same phone.

    Take that OOMA !!!

  • Jon_Of_Pentium_III Says:

    In my third year of Magic Jack and it still Rocks

  • Donna Says:

    I'm waiting for my magic jack to arrive. I will hold on to my landline for a little bit because I don't like that i have to lose the phone number. If this works, it will save me so much money. And for the people out there with security systems in your house, I also have a security system that runs through the phone lines. All you have to do is call your security and get a digital backup so your alarm system runs through the use of the cellular towers and not your landline. you don't have to give up your security system.

  • Li Ma Chicago Says:

    I have been using a Magic Jack for more than a year, everything works perfectly. however,I only used it with win XP and Vista. Now, I am planning to use it on a win 7 when I travel abroad. Will I have any problem with it?

  • Scott Martin Says:

    I've had MJ for two years now. The most important thing to remember is your Internet upload speed. The higher the better. Upload speeds drop as more and more people sign onto their Internet provider. Sometimes the weaker signals (usually cell phone callers) hear every other word from the MJ. Just make sure your upload speeds are above 600 kps. If it drops below that the cell phone callers may only hear every other word from your MJ. Other than that, it works like a charm.

    Tampa, FL

  • Chuck on an Island in WA. Says:

    I first became interested in the MJ in 2007 when a friend got one. (He has had to replace his once already and has had several periods of "lost service that took "forever" to get cleared up through MJ support. The last time it was only cleared up when he had a computer Tech call MJ support on his behalf.)
    At that time they didn't offer support for Linux but said it was "in the works" and "coming soon". 2 years later I contacted MJ support and guess what - support for Linux is "in the works" and "coming soon" Now, as of Oct 2009, Linux support "coming in 1st quarter 2010" but I hate to tell you MJ support, it is now into the 2nd quarter of 2010 and we are still waiting April 3, 2010!!!

  • Mark Johnson Says:

    I installed magicJack several weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. So much so I am disconnecting my landline service. Installation was a snap and no need to purchase a special phone; any cordless / corded phone will suffice. The traditional phone companies have to hate magicJack. I am recommending it to all my friends.

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