magicJack Inventor Responds to Customer Service Complaints

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magicJack is a point of contention for many users who’ve decided to give the low-cost telephony service a shot since its launch in late 2007. While many of have hailed it as a great, low-cost telephone service (including us in our magicJack review), others have voiced numerous complaints. All you have to do is check out the comments section of our What's New With magicJack and magicJack Inventor Q & A posts to witness some of the opinions being shared on both sides of the magicJack debate. Being the intrepid reporters that we are, we decided to contact the Better Business Bureau to see what have been the primary customer issues with the little-telephony-device-that-could. A quick search on the company Web site revealed that the Better Business Bureau has given magicJack a less-than-stellar letter grade. A grade is determined by a number of factors including the length of the time the company’s been in business, complaint volume, complaint history, how the company responds to said complaints, and other factors. So which grade did the Better Business Bureau give magicJack get? A big, fat “F.” The BBB’s summarizes an “F” with: "We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they’ve failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for is fraudulent business practices." According to the BBB, the two most common complaints involve consumers being charged the full price of the magicjack shortly after signing up for the free 30-day trial, and that it’s extremely difficult for them to contact customer service in order to receive a refund. Since we’re a fair and balanced crew, we reached out to magicJack creator Dan Borislow for his response to these charges. Here’s what he had to say. Charge #1: Some customers are being charged the price of magicJack during their free 30-day trial. DB: This is not true. You will not find one person who was charged before the 30 day trial was completed. The issue is debit card holders, who were told at least 2 times, that there would be a hold against their debit/credit card at time of order. The issue with debit cards is that a hold may have the same effect as a charge on their debit card, causing overdrafts and the like. We do not accept debit cards anymore for a Free Trial, but offer instead a 30 day money back guarantee now. We have had this new policy in effect for about 30 days, and it appears to have fixed this type of complaint. Charge #2: Customers are finding it difficult to reach customer service for a refund. DB: This is ridiculous; it is everywhere on the site. They do not need to reach customer service. It is completely automated and gives an RMA with a scan line. They will also be instructed by Live Chat when they sign on to it or when they ask an agent. Try it yourself. The real issue is that there are professional bloggers hired by our competition to disparage the company. We get over 100 requests a day to resell the product. We have delivered over 1,000,000 units in 7 months. People are very happy with the service. The customer service answers questions within 4 seconds. I am sure this is the fastest in the industry. The reps all get graded and we cut the ones who are not performing. We give you an escalation path to go to if you are not happy with your Rep. I have never seen a competitor offer this type of service. Call up Verizon or AT&T and wait 3 minutes for a rep to answer, who never gives you a credit. As far as Better Business Bureau is concerned, we agreed to treat debit card customers differently than we used to. This was the overwhelming complaint with them. Further, I have Comcast cable in my house; they are rated an F. I use Sprint on some of our phones; they are rated an F. My bank, who I have been with forever, Colonial Bancorp, is rated an F. The list is endless. But we listen to everybody and make improvements constantly. Our reliability, call quality, and customer service have all improved dramatically in the short period of time we have delivered 1,000,000 magicJack (within a year’s time) .It is an amazing story in itself we have grown this fast in such a short period of time. Give me one year in business and we will surpass all our competitors. Unqualified, we have offered the best price and call quality from day one, and we will soon offer them the most reliable and best customer service. I am very proud of where we are to date.
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  • Kenneth Hohbach Says:

    I have had magic jack for several years and am happy with the service. I do have a new problem, there is noise on my phone anytime I use it, it was never there previously. It there a patch or remedy for this? I have magicjack plus. Waiting on your reply. Ken

  • Kenneth Hohbach Says:

    I have noise on my phones, they were clear up to about 2 weeks ago, and now the noise is there on dial tone and when I talk to a party. Can you help me with this problem? Ken

  • Joe D Says:

    I think the real goal of the MagicJack technical support is to send you down a zillion wild goose chases that don't solve them problem. Then warranty expires. Then they want to sell you a new one even though the problem you spoke to them about was when it was under warrant.

  • Tim Says:

    "intrepid reporters?" How about doing some simple investigating insteading of just taking his word for everything. Try typing "majicjack steals your money" into google and see what people have to say about it.

  • Ron Meyers Says:

    I signed on, received the equipment and from day one it never worked. Finally I told MJ, to cancel service and they said I needed to send equipment back by 2/26/15, so I did at my expense of $5.25 and now they wont give me back my number I have had for for 14 years. They charged me $10.78 to get it and now they want $30 to give it back. I have been trying for over a month and they keep running me around in circles

  • David Says:

    Well, we have bought 3 total, 1 died just after 6 months and this awesome company refused to replace it. That being said, after years of using them, we are done, nothing but billing issues, they charge you then say they did not, even though I have proof from my credit card statements, and they still denied it. They Never give you a credit for anything they do, ever, so the owner is full of crap! All you people raving about service are either stupid, or being paid! either way, this company is ripping customers off and not being held responsible for it!

  • James Troske Says:

    Yes they are frauds. The callere ID only shows the person you are calling you name and number. It only shows me a number and maybe 2 times a year I see a name. The caller ID time screws up my time because their server is in the East. Their response, no plans in the future to change it. I would really like to meet the lying founder. You are a scammer period.
    I have not received email notification of messages for 2 years. They can't fix it. This company is full of promises that they do not deliver. Yes its way cheaper. Just don't lie to your customers. When I bought I their was a free shipping deal, the guy on the phone charged me shipping Said their was no free shipping deal. Liar. Cancelled and went to the web site and got the same deal and free shipping.

  • denece hill Says:

    i have been a customer for years i moved in april and called to get my email and address changed. i gave them my new address and my updated 69.00 magic-jack was sent to my old address. i know the conversation was recorded so i don't understand why i cant get another one sent to the right address or my money returned its been months now and they still say that its being investigated.

  • JoAnne Johnson Says:

    What bunk this man is spouting. The phone quality is very poor, the customer service is non-existent. the porting charges are outrageous. The advertising is fraudulent and this man is delusional.

  • Marjorie Says:

    Had magic jack and I enjoyed it. Now have magic jack plus and it is awful. I have done live chat, same thing over and over with no results. I am unable to make calls. I bought a new phone, upgraded, unplugged replugged in to no avail. Asked live chat agent I wanted a RMA to return phone and again the same rehearsed unplug, replug and upgrade. My warranty had expired. Ok I then asked if I go and buy a new magic plus could I transfer my paid years over to the new device. Was told yes I could. So I bought a new one and had to go to live agent chat and told them what I was told an hour earlier and I was told that I was mislead. Ok paid $107 for a service I can not use. I feel totally ripped off and I am going to report this to the Better Business. I feel robbed.

  • rev Says:

    "As far as Better Business Bureau is concerned, we agreed to treat debit card customers differently than we used to. This was the overwhelming complaint with them. Further, I have Comcast cable in my house; they are rated an F. I use Sprint on some of our phones; they are rated an F. My bank, who I have been with forever, Colonial Bancorp, is rated an F. The list is endless"

    So in other words, the magicJack Inventor is saying that a Grade of F is a great standard to aspire to. My PE teacher once told me that " You can't make yourself better by pointing out how someone else looks worse. You get better by doing better. period .. "

    Just food for thought ..

  • Tim D Says:

    we live in michigan and had MJ since 2011. we forgot to renew in time(cell phone usage instead)we were just i tried to renew chat 4 times for a total of 2 hrs on the phone with them! charged 11 times!
    38.00!!!! and we still have no renewed service! that was a $600+ charge to our account (luckily we had funds) the Bank had to shutdown all transactions with MJ this happened 20 minutes ago!
    im Boiling inside from being stolen from! that is theft of service!
    very unhappy and expect to hear from someone shortly..........yeah chat ROBOTS to the rescue! :(

  • vinod Says:

    The new magic jack update is not so good,most of the options are not working, the view is really too nasty(too big). we cannot adjust the size of the magic jack panel.

    I appreciate thought of magic jack to update their application but without testing the application they have released it making costumer to suffer.

  • Lynn Finlayson Says:

    I bought a phone on the internet Paid by dibet Card. They sent it to the wrong address . Now they wont give me bak my money. May the Lord bless them realgood

  • P J ADKINS Says:

    WHAT CAN I DO???

  • Jon Grinols Says:

    magicJack is a company that all potential customers should avoid. I bought 3 different magicJack USB devices to install 3 different phone lines and paid for 5 years service with each line. I never got the years service I paid for and was never told why. None of the 3 phone lines worked long enough for me to get nearly the service I paid for. This company should be avoided.

  • Katherine Hinds Says:

    I called to cancel my Magic Jack and was told it would cost me $99 plus to cancel. It has not been working well for the last three or four months and we have been using or cell phones, which has been sufficient. Then the e-mail came with a raise in cost and we decided we did not need it. Why is it costing $99 to cancel?

  • Robert Says:

    When I renewed the
    $10 fee did not process for the vanity number. I tried again but it did not work, only the $30+ amount would popup. After a 20 minute chat they said they would credit my bank account but I had to go through the renewal again. I got the popup for the $10 extra and it charged me for the $30+ again. They never reversed the extra fees. I called my bank(USAA) and they processed it as a fraud charge. they got the $60+ amount back. This was last month. I called MJ and they said everything was OK. Today they suspended my service. They said it was under review.
    I filed complaints with the FTC and FCC. You see, I am a licensed HAM radio operator and know what is not legal and how to file complaints with the FCC. My bank has also been notified. This company needs to either change it's way, get better or shut down. This is the height of complete stupidity and disregard for the customer. Today they kept giving me to a different person on chat and finally the third one said everything was already explained to me. ??? What did they "EXPLAI
    N"...nothing at all, he just disconnected the chat. I will never use this company again. There are about 1 million licensed Hams in the US alone. I copied all chats and forwarded it to all I know or have emails to. I also distributed it through the National Traffic System. These are facts. This company needs to go away!!!

  • angry grand daughter Says:

    Magic jack protects jamaican scammers by allowing them to change thier country code on caller ID. This is illegal!

  • John Galt Says:

    I would absolutely love for my MJ to work, but...... after 9+ hours of chat, 25 different people at different levels and a top level that sent me two emails over three days, I finally gave up and ask for the five year refund. I cannot tell you how much I needed that number to work.

  • Ben Kodae Says:

    MJ is excellent product and saves us from dinosaurs we should appreciate the MJ Company and owner for that.
    With that said there are few discouraging and annoying policies are in the way of company from flourishing like blue bonnets. I understand there are lots of pressure from big guys of industry has caused some tightness and struggles but by being bold and doing the right thing will take it to next level.
    I bought MJ for my company fire alarm panel when panel Calles in there is line failure report goes to monitoring company. We connected land line that didn’t happen?
    I bought another MJ for my house registered and transfer the number but at the payment web site after collecting my credit card information and submitting it comes back with AVS Failure message and ask for new card I did that 3 times myself and checked my account on line all 3 transactions are gone through
    I talk to Hazel: LTK111530112255840X
    She made me to register again and asked me not purchase any extras and I click no on all offers and transaction failed again with same message she got frustrated and accused me of not doing what she asked me to.
    I believe there is processing flaw for second unit when you buy and register that, Hazel doesn’t know about. This is real problem I spend 2 hours and all my afternoon later and I still don’t have an answer and Hazel got tired of the problem and signed off without further help offering .this is real problem that discourages the consumers and needs to be corrected without accusing of competitor .
    That is really is customer abuse.
    3- MJ logo takes over the computer screen for annoying several minutes before it goes away and top it up you can’t move it eider.
    One good sales and marketing leader knows the word of mouth is the best advertising I had MJ since it came out but I unplugged it until this year and I never told anybody how great it was my concern was not to be annoyed if the MJ wouldn’t annoy the people I believe its sales would be way up at 10 million.
    I have bought v2 more MJ I need help to register if help is still is number one priority of Company.
    Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530112255840X

  • Alton Says:

    I hate magic jack.! i want the ceo to have our challenges. CS people don't listen. At all I have issues and spent countless hours on the phone. now it's being escalated...

    again. I left a message at their "corporate office" AND NO ONE RETURNED MY CALL. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HAVE MAGIC JACK!

    oh, after being on the phone for an hour the calls drops. BEAWARE if you do webinars, DON'T USE IT...

  • john payne Says:

    my magic jack breaks up while talking sometimes what could cause this

  • Ana Says:

    Hi, my magic Jack is not work, I erase the connection, and I dont know how to do with conect my magic Jack and says launch magic Jack and say error 680 please help meeeee

  • Gerry Wood Says:

    I've has the magic jack plus for two years now. It's very unreliable. If I counted my time spent (at $10.00 per hour) on their chat line, I could have paid for my old land line. So far i have has 2 power adapters burn out-which they will replace if I send the old one to their Florida address. So that takes another week. The magic jack plus itself is failing. The Ethernet cable won't stay connected. They offered no help, saying that I'm using them wrong. I finally had to Hot Glue the connection to the devise so that it would keep working. Also, the first six months, I could call any where in the US without problems, not I can not call 3 of my neighboring towns (within 10 miles). They want me to buy international minutes to make these local calls. Now they want me to send them money to use 911 service. I told them that I pay for 911 service with my taxes, but they say they have no control over this charge.
    Again, you get what you pay for.

  • AH Says:

    been waiting for 9 weeks to find out why my ac is under review ,always paid bill on time .Never had any complaints , now i cannot add overseas additional calls funds to a/c, have had numerous MJ customer service "chats" always say they will email me in 2-3 days ....its now 9 weeks!!!!!! Apart from this its has been working fine.I have no idea why they would review my a/c ,been a good customer ,but i think i will have to change to another company,as i need the ability to make overseas calls

  • Crystal Says:

    Thank you so much for applying time to write “magicJack Inventor Responds to
    Customer Service Complaints - LAPTOP Magazine:
    The Pulse of Mobile Technology”. Thank you once again -Estela

  • Ed Says:

    We use to be a country that had protections from things like this but, it's all about the dollar now. Corporations now owns our government, courts and unions and it doesn't appear there is no going back.

  • Janet Hoy Says:

    I went to call England today and had purchased $10.00 in International Funds. I was not told when I purchased this that they expired. Now went to call and my money was gone. Did the hot line and talked to someone who said they changed the rule and if you did not use in 6 months money was gone. How can a company take your money. That is stealing as far as I am concerned.

  • Bill Says:

    I have been a MJ customer for about 4 years. I pay the MJ bill with my credit card. I never give anyone authorization to automatically renew and bill my credit card. Without my consent MJ has been billing my credit card. MJ customer service is terrible. Chat operators will not / can not allow you access to a manager. Chat operators are of no help and they terminate the call if you ask to speak to a manager.

  • E Says:

    Mr Magic Jack blows smoke. His customer service stinks. It is not customer service in any meaning of the words.

    Now that I see they are located in Isreal realize they are able to hide and do not have to really be anything like customer service. MJ gives other Isreali companies a bad name.

    MJ wants to gyp people out of time and money. I allowed my account to expire at the end of the year in September 2013. Today I decided to start a new account and MJ Customer Service wants to start the account from September altho I haven't used the service in over a month since it expired. That would mean I would lose 1/12 of whatever I paid and have an 11 month year.

    How sleazy is that for customer service?

  • Doug Haney Says:

    I absolutely love MagicJack and MagicJack Plus telephone devices. I have purchased four (3 regular units and 1 plus unit) over the past four years. We have saved at least a couple thousand dollars, and aside from minor problems with our own electrical/computer issues over the years have not had any problems. The only significant problem was a wall adaptor that wore out connected to the MagicJack Plus. I called the company and it was replaced for free. If anything the company needs to come up with an adaptor that can control electrical heat much better. But we are absolute believers in this way of telocommunications, the plus system we have connects to a five-phone system throughout our home. Highly recommend anyone on a fixed system have one. 10-25-2013

  • Robert Cerney Says:

    I just spent more than TWO HOURS with a chat representative, and my MagicJack program worked ONCE, and now is completely inaccessible!!! AND, now I cannot even access a chat rep.
    This is unconscionable, to say the least.

  • mohamed ali Says:

    magic jack was return since 2013/09/09 because of problems discuss on live chat but have not recieve an exchange as yet.

  • gabor kolman Says:

    my creditcard changed yor machine not honering it cant give new card

  • JPCON Says:

    Discredited for using cards?
    Going on 2 months, after being charged for international service and using a credit/debit card. for a company who claims to not accept cards of that nature they were quick to charge the card(posted) and did not provide the calling credits. They have deactivated "as they stated" "on review" because I disputed the charge they never provided for. Unfortunately This just killed any optimism from me. Well I am still waiting!

  • harry torence Says:

    used mj for 5 years then 4 years ago mj page that registures mj refuses to recognize my e mail so i caint register any of the 4 mjs that i have the page is defictive but tech says i have bad mj but if all mjks are unregistured how can mj work if registration page fails to recognize my e mails nothing will work

  • bob Says:

    majic jack is the worst customer service I have ever experienced! you get what you pay for, time to go back to local phone service

  • Menz Says:

    This company has the worst customer service i have ever dealt with. i signed on and noticed that my device got switched and i never told them to switch devices. i tried to call them, but they do not do ANYTHING over the phone. i tried to explain what happened on their chat and they blamed me for breaking a TOS which i did not do. when i explained that to them they "disconnected" the chat. i restarted the chat and asked for a manager... they switched the chat to one of their "top 10% agents as rated by our customers" and i tried to explain the situation to him and he disconnected the chat just like the other person.


  • Victor Quiros Says:

    Usted está ahora en chat con'Genaro'


    Many attemps to fixed my broken MJ, I am not requesting a "refund", just to exchange my non-working unit, but no luck, any agent I had contact in the last 4 month, they refused to exchange or fix my MJ, just that simple.

    I got 3 MJs and this is the only one that is broken, and cant use it, and paid $75.00 last december.

    Too bad, that they are not as reliable as the promised.

  • Ken Says:

    I used the Magic Jack for four years and it has saved me tons of money. I guess those people who complain about it would rather pay those high monthly phone bills and think that anything that could possibly save them money has to have some kind of defect and can't be true. Then again some people aren't attuned to high tech gadgets, and should never go near such a thing because they know what the hell they're doing.

  • David Says:

    I am extremely dissatisfied customer. When my new magic jack 2014 plus model failed, I spent well over an hour and a half with various support individuals. Each one asked me to unplug and plug the device back in. I cancelled my service and it cost $32 to port over my number. This is a rip off.

  • Mike Says:

    I enjoy magic jack good service for the most part for the price.Customer service lacks the product knowledge of there product & services . Magic jacks billing options needs updating .You can purchase 5 years of service but the number has to be updated every year & paid separately. Its a small complaint but needs to be addressed if they want to offer these options to customers .No one wants to change there number every year .Also more options should be added to the magicjack personal account settings .There should be an option to remove caller id or add it for people with alzheimer's. I understand the last option is not a big one but its an option that helps the people experiencing these problems because they call the same numbers back over and over.. Thankyou i give magic jack a 4 and 5 is highest just needs improvements .

  • DJ Says:

    The new Magic Jack I can not stand! The old one was kinda nice. It is not reliable for a primary service. I use it because of travel in the military. It works great for that purpose, however, there are other services that are allowing you to connect phones these days. Not sure if they are any better. As far as the guy in the interview, Unprofessional jackass. I have never dealt with any of those issues, however, he defends them like an angry child and shifts the blame back to the customer. This brings a "The customer is stupid" kind of ora that I do not appreciate because I am a customer!

  • Paul Singh Says:

    Not able to connect to the magic jack !!! plugged in not working??

  • Gloria Yates Says:

    I hate Magic Jack's live chat team. they have wasted so much of my time that I believe I deserve a free Magic Jack Plus. All I wanted to do for the past 5 or 6 days was to pay my bill and order the new MJ plus. They were unable to help me do that. Please respond.

  • larry beard Says:

    I do not know what happened . It functioned OK and then it went to hell.

  • Tom Says:

    that was intended to be "DEFINITELY".

    A complaint on majicJack is being filed with my NH AG's office, the NH BBB, the NH Publc Utilities Commission, the US FCC and FTC. Anyone having a similar poor experience with majicJack should do the same in their respective states.

    Do not waste your time with this product. What a scam!

  • Tom Says:

    majicJack is DEFINATELY a true ripoff! Bought mine at Radio Shack in one of their many NH stores. I tried to register and activate it today, but the crooks still do not offer any New Hampshire phone numbers after 5 years selling this junk here! They would only provide a Massachusetts phone number which makes no sense at all! I went to their online FAQs and nothing to help me with this problem. I then connected to their only customer support which is a Chat site online. Both Michelle and her senior magicJack chat liner were evasive and never provided a direct and straightforward answer to my questions on why they did not offer 603 area code phone numbers!

  • Rod McRae Says:

    I was all set to try Magicjack until I read these posts. It isn't going to happen now. Rather pay too much for reputable phone co. than chance a co. that does this to it's customers

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