magicJack Inventor Plans Linux Support, Improved Customer Service, and More

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Last week, we took a second look at the magicJack to see what new features found its way into the device since our initial magicJack review in the fall of 2007. Today we pick the brain of magicJack's inventor, Dan Borislow, to talk Linux compatibility, number porting, customer service, and much, much more. LAPTOP: How has the public taken to magicJack? Have sales met expectations? Dan Borislow: The sales of the magicJack have proven just how much the public has taken to it. Since launching Version 1.0 in January, sales have grown 25% week over week and totaling over 250,000 so far, and we expect to hit 350,000 by the end of April. Who is magicJack's core demographic? DB: Anyone who wants to eliminate their monthly phone bill. Pretty big demographic, huh? But seriously, I designed the magicJack to have mass market appeal for the budget-conscious consumer. That’s why you will not see us “tricking out” the magicJack with a ton of bells and whistles that will make it complicated to use. Anyone from your grandmother to your five-year-old nephew can use it to make free phone calls. Also, its portability makes it appealing to mobile professionals, travelers, etc. And once again, because it’s so easy to use, those on the go can be making phone calls within minutes from anywhere in the world where they have a computer and broadband connection. Are there any new features planned for the magicJack? DB: We have made optimizations to the software and hardware to improve OS compatibility, enhanced auto-run functionality, and superior echo-cancellation controls. This did not demand a new version, but is available in the latest magicJacks being sold, and older magicJacks receive an automatic software upgrade when they are plugged in. And we are pushing forward to further expand the network in the United States and Canada, with plans to push into Latin America and Europe. This will further enhance the voice quality of magicJack calls from and to anywhere in the world. We are adding to our inventory of area codes. Remember, customers can select their area codes and aren't limited to those in their physical location (Currently they have 135 available and plan to add 74 within the next 45 days). In this way, people in locations where area codes are not yet available may still utilize the unlimited calling benefits of magicJack. Improved customer support is something else you can expect to see. I told you earlier how fast our customer base is growing and as it continues to do so, customer support is a top priority and something I am managing very closely. Currently we offer 24/7 tech chat online, supported by over 130 people with an average wait time of seconds. Our customers can rate these agents on a 1 to 5 scale (5 being the best) and those that do not receive the highest grades possible are replaced. At the end of April, we will dismiss the bottom 15% of agents. I am finding that what we are doing is working. Our agents are learning and improving rapidly and this week, approval ratings of the agents doubled what they were the week before. We have six 5s for every 1. We have also recently created an elite group of Super Techs to which concerns can be elevated. I do plan to keep online chat as the primary means for customer support because our customers are already online, and who wants to call and wait on hold for a telephone support agent? Also, for magicJack to work, it needs Internet access. If your Internet is down, nothing else matters from a customer service standpoint. If the issue is with the Internet provider and MJ customers are calling us, it will bog down our customer service efforts. We also run a quick system check called magicFix as a first step to any support inquiry which can catch and fix many issues automatically before the customer even has to chat with anyone. Mac OS X support has been added to magicJack. Could Linux compatibility be coming down the pipe? DB: Yes, and because the of the similarities between the Mac and Linux OSes, we should be able to support Linux fairly soon. Some users on the Unofficial magicJack Forum have asked for the ability to plug the unit directly into a router; is this a possible future addition? DB: The magicJack was not designed to plug into the router. One of the main benefits of the magicJack is its portability. By being able to plug into the USB slot, our customers can take it anywhere in the world and use it with any broadband-enabled computer. If it were designed to work with a router, the magicJack would lose its portability. So no plans to add this functionality. Are you planning on offering number portability? DB: We do plan to offer number portability. It is not available yet but in the coming months, you will be able to port your number for a nominal fee. How much will porting a number cost? DB: $10. Will you implement the ability to record calls? DB: No plans to implement this. Trying to keep this very simple to avoid too much customer service for the good of the whole base.
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  • Frank Branker Says:

    I bought a magicjack in 2009 it worked very good for the first year also for the second year, when i tried to renew for the third year i was told my account is under review. I bought the new magicjack it worked very good for the year and when i tried to renew i was again told my account is under review. So i have two magicjack and i can't get them to work

  • Jaime Says:

    I just change my phone from Comcast to MagicJack but I can not make any phone call or receive on my cell phone. What is it wrong?

  • Sam Says:

    I am using MJ plus about a year. Now it doesn't work, can't call or receive call. I have chatted with the customer service, they said my account is under review. This is going on more than a week now. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REVIEW? Please DO NOT buy Magic Jack. They have the worst customer service.

  • Margarita Says:

    I had the original MagicJack,it was working just fine until I paid for the five year contract, My magicjack was disconneted before the year was out. I have chatted with customer support 3v times and I am still waiting for my phone to be reconnected I still have my bank statement to prove that the money was withdraw from my account I wish there was a lawyer I can fine to make a classaction lawsuit against them,which I am looking for...Its just not right to take your money and not give you the service you paid for!!!

  • Larry Fenwick Says:

    I bought a MagicJack Plus . After connecting it, my laptop,s mouse froze. I tried rebooting, using a different mouse and using another laptop. I contacted Customer Service. They told me that I would have to pay $57.00 in Canadian Funds which would be refunded if they actually resolved my problem. Some savings! I am going to return the Plus for a refund unless I can find someone to fix the problem.

  • Larry Fenwick Says:

    I have a MagicJack Plus and cannot use it after connecting it. It freezes my Mouse. Rebooting does not solve the problem. Using it on another laptop or using another mouse on my laptop does not solve the freezing problem. I tried asking customer service, but they told me it would cost me $57.00 in Canadian Funds to get an answer. So much for savings! I am ready to send it back for a refund unless I can find someone who can fix it for free.

  • Sean Samuel Says:

    I had the original MagicJack. It worked I really did not use it alot, because I did not want to add a phone number to my several phone numbers I already have. When it was announced I could port a number I was happy to order MagicJack Plus. What a mistake, you have to REGISTER your MagicJack Plus before you can port your number. No big problem right, wrong, if you current carrier is not on the MAgicJack list a quick chat should help fix the problem, right, WRONG. MagicJack representatives are located in a place where English is not spoken, or understood. You write a simple statement of your problem and you get a canned response.

    copy of chat word for word.(day two)
    Sean Samuel: yes, my majicjack number is 516-515-7639. I have gone to my account and tried to port the number but ITPVOIP.COM 888-487-1110 is not on your list. At this point my next call is to the FCC, and the Better Business Bureau.

    Sean Samuel: And the FTC as well

    Andy: Have you logged into your account and do the porting process in there?

    Sean Samuel: What part of the above did you not understand?

    Sean Samuel: "yes, my majicjack number is 516-515-7639. I have gone to my account and tried to port the number but ITPVOIP.COM 888-487-1110 is not on your list. At this point my next call is to the FCC, and the Better Business Bureau."

    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
    end of chat - they dropped me.

    I waited to Monday to call my company at the request of MagicJack to ask my carrier if they had the number under a different name. My carrier told me MagicJack should have no problem posting the number to MagicJack. I also called a secong company I deal with the confirm if I ported my number to MagicJack I could get it back if I was unhappy with MagicJack. I was told that it usually takes 3 to 7 business days to port a number, but with MagicJack could take up to 30 days as MagicJack is very hard to reach.

    I can understand that as I spent FIVE hours friday, going through the circle with EIGHT chat people, the last was the one who told me to call my current company about the porting of my number.

    As of right now I am on hold with MagicJack for 31 minutes and 27 seconds, I just got a message an error has occurred with call forwarding and was disconnected.

    I read above that Dan Borislow thinks it is his competition is having professional bloggers write his company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I tell you try calling MagicJack at 281-404-1551, I found this number by searching the internet for "MagicJack contact", I could not find any number on their web site. When calling MagicJack you end up in a 30 minute loop that about every 6 minutes starts to ring like you will get someone, but you don't it loops back to :

    "thank you for calling MagicJack billing inquires, please note this number is for billing questions only. For technical support go to and click on the chat button to get a live person. Do to high call volume you may experience higher than usual hold times."

    At some point you will be disconnected and have to start all over. The call was ANSWERED, 23 minutes but of course they can not help with anything, except billing. She was very nice, and said she was in West Palm Beach, I do not think that was truthful. It sounded like a call center, and English was not her first language. My credit card was not charged, and as long as I returned it at my expense I would not be charged.

    I am sure 90% of new MagicJack customers do not experience my problem, make sure your carrier is on their list, if not forget it. MagicJack has the absolute worst tech support I, or my father have ever experienced in 35 years of computing.

  • Bob K Says:

    To Clarify the Above, Calls were set to forward to My Cell, not to my computer...

  • Bob K Says:

    I have a bunch of magic Jacks. When they are working, they are usually pretty decent.
    If you need Help.... Forget it, the tech support people are idiots. I had a major static problem, on a line i was using for a small business. The calls were set to forward to my computer, my computer could be off, the magic jack in my pocket, and still had the problem. Definitely a problem on their server. Before my phone would ring, the Static was overwhelming. This happened with computer OFF, calls going to voice mail or forwarding. They wanted me to do stuff to my computer, router, etd... How Freaking stupid are they??? over 10 hours of tech chat did nothing but piss me off. So I wanted to port to Ooma, MJ charged me 30.00 to move my number to Ooma. At least Ooma has a telephone support. I also have been using a Net Talk Duo. No need for a computer, Can plug directly into a router, of in USB on a computer if you choose. 29.00 a year, WITH a phone support system.
    Problems with MJ
    Numbers you call the most quit working and instant Busy Signal
    One of the Worst Tech Support systems i ever used.
    No Linux Support

    Good for traveling... Buy, Gmail has a phone system that may be easier and better when travling

  • JRP in SD Says:

    A few points: - This interview in 2008...says you'll have number portability (keep you present number) in a few months! They told me the same thing in 2009 and 2010...and here it is 2011...and still nothing!
    You can't reach some numbers....just get a fast busy. I speant WEEKS with their on line tech support (no phone support) and EVERY TIME I was told that they were investigating. Three months later....still investigating. What a CROCK!
    WARNING - Check on your frequently called numbers right after you get the unit during trial period. I can't call my mother in Wisconsin...I have to use a cell. But Majic Jack is still investigating.

  • Ongytenes Says:

    I am somewhat happy with MagicJack. When it works, it seems to work as good as my cell phone. The problem is, it only runs on a Windoze machine. It has to be rebooted regularly. My other machine running Ubuntu has ran as much as seven months without a single reboot. It was only rebooted then because of a major update. I would like to see MagicJack bring this support to Linux. I have been waiting over two years now for it. (I know, I have renewed the MJ subscription twice now.) If I am on my Linux machine, I can't see if the Windows machine had crashed and I miss calls because of it. MJ is the only reason I have MS Windows running.I suspect that many of people's problems is really from problems with the OS like corrupt DLLs and such, and not always the MJ service. I know that I got cut off one time and could not reconnect until I rebooted.) IF SOMEONE ELSE COMES FORTH WITH SOMETHING LIKE MJ FOR LINUX, MJ WILL LOSE ME FOR GOOD. (I know about Skype and use it some. But most people don't have it and I don't want to pay by the minute calling land lines.)

    I noticed that many other companies port their drivers and software to Linux almost as soon as they come out with one for Windows. Look a nVidia, Adobe, Google for starters. MJ got the source code, so how long does it take to port it over? If they don't want to do it, then they need to give the Linux community enough info for them to create an open source version that clients can move their accounts over onto a Linux machine. It will be in YMAX's favor if they started supporting Linux, because I am sure that it will mean less problems with that system.

    Every Linux user who wants to use MagicJack needs to raise their voices and let YMAX know. All they see is Window users. It is like the time I went to a electrical supply house and they didn't have half of the conduit fittings I needed. Their reply was "Don't have much call for that stuff" I went down to the hardware and found the LL LR Tee etc. The hardware man said he heard people's complaints and fill that niche. I come to realize that the reason the electrical supply didn't have much call for the stuff is everyone knew the electrical supply didn't have it and was buying from the hardware store. This can happen to YMAX too.

  • Desi Says:

    I have 2 MagicJacks... and they suck!!
    Unfortunatelly my 30 day trial has already expired.... The calls sound very "robotic" and the call quality is horrible... nobody to chat on magicjack website to try to return my product... TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! When I subscribed I paid for the 2 year agreement so I could have the discounted prive of 19.99 (2 years) lets see if they will charge me or not...


    Better spend a little extra with Skype phone or any other VOIP phone than waste your money with Magic jack

    Very unhappy customer!!

  • Sam Arashfar Says:

    LTK43606039788X, LTK43606068763X
    I have never in my life had such bad customer service, i can not believe how bad and uneducated the customer service at this company is.
    this is my second year of being with magicjack and i have been happy with the service for most part, but all of a sudden on Friday morning after a phone call my Magicjack would not reconnect again, i connected with the live chat from your help site.
    After going back and fort and doing all the things they told me with firewall, anti virus and all the other things still no help and placed on hold over and over and transferred 4 times and every 40 minutes i was told if i would give permission to have someone login to my computer and fix it and i would say yes and they would place me on hold for 15 minutes and than tell me no one is available, i was chatting for over 3hours with nothing fixed and at the end i was placed on hold for over 30 minutes and no one ever got back on line
    Now this morning once again i tried to resolve the issue and i gave the ID# from last night and i told them again that we tried everything last night and i need someone just to login to my computer and fix it and once again they put me on hold and than transferred me and than asked me to check my time and date and once again i told them i need someone to just go in and fix it the livelook, so once gain i was placed on hold for 10 minutes and another person who is the top %10 in Customer service comes on and tells me to wait another 5 minutes so they can read the chat and after that they tell me to check my time and date again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME
    Once again i told them the whole story AGAIN and i told them i need the livelook to go in and fix it and they placed me on hold for 10 minutes to come back and tell me that the livelook agent is busy and cant help and once again i stated to them that i have been wasted almost 4 hours between yesterday and today and they still cant help me so i was placed on hold again and after another 10 minutes this is what they said to me

    "Would you like us to log onto your computer remotely and resolve this issue for you? If yes, I will transfer you to a higher level of support that will take care of this for you."

    ARE YOU SERIOUS this is the customer service of a company that is trying to go far with this devise this is unbelievable, i can not belive this horrible horrible customer service, i will check to see if this company is part of the BBB and i will write a complaint because this is by far the worst customer service of any company i have ever seen.

  • james oquinn Says:


  • Siggio3 Says:

    QUOTE from above: DB: Yes, and because the of the similarities between the Mac and Linux OSes, we should be able to support Linux fairly soon.

    Yeah, right, what a crock of garbage!
    It's been two and a half years by now. Stop slurping your friggen cocktails and get that Linux support going. Oh, and by the way, all of you jerkoff Linux haters who like to spend a fortune for software ... If MagicJack doesn't do something soon for Linux support then they'd potentially be losing the business of HUNDREDS of millions (no spelling error) worldwide linux users who may just get into OOMA instead. Ooma has rave reviews, supposedly much higher quality than MagicJack, so it would only be prudent i.e. SMART BUSINESS to make MagicJack as compatible as can be !!! Two and a half years, gimme a break .... SHAME ON MAGICJACK.

  • Bank of america online signin Says:

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  • nunya Says:

    How to get the linux users to buy MJ ?

    Promise Linux Support,

    Oh, Linux wont work,

    Tell them to use windows.

    Screw Linux users.

    well we sold the units anyway, too bad for the suckers.

  • Norman Andrews Says:

    I bought 2 magicjacks 1+ years ago at that time I was on dialup service units would not work I then went to sat.service units still would not work ok put them in drawer to store. now new home, cable highspeed service ok try magicjack again first try older units they will not accept my new internet address tried every way I could think of nope next order new magicjack unit again will not accept my internet address whynot & what can I do to at least get 1 of these 3 units to work any help will be appreciated

  • Stacie Says:

    Why don't u make an extra line that is detachable that can plug into a router and that way it can still use the usb cable for travel or the cable for the router. and y r alot of peopl complaining that the five year service that u offer is a scam...that u guys take all the money at once and theyre left with more money drawn out of there bank without notice...alot of people can't get intouch with anyone for reinburstment and so on..... this is what many are sayin"Big Scam! Don't buy this product. Big launch before they were ready.

    I'm having all of the same problems. Not only that, they scammed me for an extra 49.95 for 5 years and I discovered they charged me for that immediately, so half the 100 I paid is in their pocket with no indication they will refund that portion.

    So, I bought this to save money and now these crooks have my money and I can't reach them.

    I'm furious. I'll be writing this up in my own blog. Yeah, my 40,000 hits a month isn't much, but I want to my part to expose the baloney. i purchased this product about a month ago,and loved it.Then i purchased 1 for my dad and added the 5 years on just to get it over invoice /bill said $49.95 to be billed on 5/13/2008
    and the next $46.90 to be billed on 6/13/08
    well $96.85 just came out of my account today 5/15/08
    thank christ i had enough in there. TECH SUPPORT BEGINS WITH S and has 5 letters and when waiting a total of 45 min for entire (live chat) and getting nowhere and then getting the call termminted by the operater?well that s word again comes into play Watch out for the all upfront payment like i got my invoice/bill states one thing,there charges did just the opposite.BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gadget maker MagicJack recently lost a defamation lawsuit that it filed against Boing Boing. The judge dismissed its case and ordered it to pay us more than $50,000 in legal costs.

    The Florida-based VOIP company promotes a USB dongle that allows subscribers to make free or inexpensive phone calls over the internet. I posted in April 2008 about its terms of service—which include the right to analyze customers' calls—and various iffy characteristics of its website.

    We had no idea that it would file a baseless lawsuit to try and shut me up, that CEO Dan Borislow would offer to buy our silence after disparaging his own lawyers, or that MagicJack would ultimately face legal consequences for trying to intimidate critics.

    At several points in the process, we could have taken a check and walked away: as it is, the award doesn't quite cover our costs. But we don't like being bullied, and we wanted the chance to tell anyone else threatened by this company what to expect.

    The post was titled "MagicJack's EULA says it will spy on you and force you into arbitration." This EULA, or End-User Licensing Agreement, concerns what subscribers must agree to in order to use the service. I wrote that MagicJack's allows it to target ads at users based on their calls, was not linked to from its homepage or at sign-up, and has its users waive the right to sue in court. I also wrote that that MagicJack's website contained a visitor counter that incremented automatically; and that the website claimed to be able to detect MagicJacks, reporting that "Your MagicJack is functioning properly" even when none are present.

    In the lawsuit, filed March 2009 in Marin, Ca., MagicJack alleged that these statements were false, misleading, and had irreparably harmed MagicJack's reputation by exposing it to "hate, ridicule and obloquy." The lawsuit demanded removal of our post and unspecified damages. It also alleged that I am a professional blogger.

    Published in the gadgets section of our site, the post didn't criticize the service or the gadget itself, which works very well. Though just 200 words long, it soon came up among search results for the company's name. It was also reposted on Boing Boing's homepage by Cory Doctorow, under the title "MagicJack net-phone: swollen pustule of crappy terms of service and spyware."

    Boing Boing has a long history of covering EULAs and related issues; we're also no stranger to legal intimidation. Believing that the suit sought to exploit the trivial matter of the website counter to silence our discussion of the more important issues, we fought back. Our lawyers, Rob Rader, Marc Mayer and Jill Rubin of MS&K, determined that it was a SLAPP lawsuit: a strategic lawsuit against public participation. In such a lawsuit, winning is not the main objective. Instead, it is crafted to harry critics, not least with the high cost of fighting a lawsuit, into abandoning their criticism. New York Supreme Court Judge J. Nicholas Colabella wrote that "short of a gun to the head, a greater threat to First Amendment expression can scarcely be imagined."

    California led the way in fighting such lawsuits, passing an anti-SLAPP statute in 1992. This allows defendants to file a special motion to strike complaints leveled against constutitionally protected speech--and to recover costs. Accordingly, our lawyers filed such a motion, which forced MagicJack to show it would have a 'reasonable probability' of prevailing if it went to trial.

    After it failed to do so, a California judge dismissed MagicJack's suit late last year. She noted that in its complaint, MagicJack essentially admitted the very act it claims to be defamed by.

    "Plaintiff's own evidence shows that the counter is not counting visitors to the website as a visitor visits the site," wrote Judge Verna A. Adams. "Instead, the visitor is seeing an estimate. ... As to the statements based on the EULA, such statements, read in context, do not imply that the plaintiff is eavesdropping on its customers calls. Instead, the statements clearly constitute the opinion of the author that analyzing phone numbers for purposes of targeted advertising amounts to "spy[ing]," "snoop[ing]," and "systematic privacy invasion."

    After the dismissal of the lawsuit, MagicJack CEO Dan Borislow apologized and told us that his lawyers, Arnold & Porter, did not fully disclose to him the weaknesses in his case or properly analyze California law. During negotiations, we were surprised when MagicJack agreed to a settlement of our legal costs, then backed out.

    We would not agree to keep the actual legal dispute confidential under any circumstances. However, we offered not to publish details of our legal costs or their settlement if Borislow would donate $25,000 to charity. MagicJack, however, offered to pay our legal bill only if we'd agree to keep the whole dispute confidential; when we refused, Borislow wrote that he would 'see us in court.' Nonetheless, we're happy with the outcome. The irony for MagicJack is that the proceedings are public record, so the silence it sought was effectively worthless.

    MagicJack's relentless television infomercials are a staple of cable television. The gadget itself, no larger than a 3G modem, earned praise from gadget reviewers and opprobrium from Florida's attorney general.

    According to Wikipedia, the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida has received hundreds of customer service complaints, primarily related to difficulty returning the product under the 30-day guarantee and the longtime lack of an uninstaller. In 2008, its grade with the Better Business Bureau was reported to be "F." According to the bureau, this rating is assigned to companies under the following circumstances: "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices."

    MagicJack currently has an A- rating after becoming an 'Accredited' BBB partner in 2009. At the time of its failing grade, however, Borislow dismissed the Better Business Bureau's system as meaningless: "I have Comcast cable in my house; they are rated an F. I use Sprint on some of our phones; they are rated an F. My bank, who I have been with forever, Colonial Bancorp, is rated an F. The list is endless." The BBB's 'TrustLink rating' gives it only two stars out of five.

    In December 2008, MagicJack filed a $1,000,000 lawsuit (docket) against competitiors Joiphone and PhonePower, who linked to a blog post by a Singapore-based blogger whose own discussion of the product echoed ours: "Magic Jack (sic) will spy on you and force you into arbitration," Vinay Rasam headlined a post at now-vanished site In that case, MagicJack's legal rationale was trademark infringement, false advertising and violation of the unfair trade practices act.

    In April 2009, MagicJack reached a settlement with Florida's Attorney General after claims it charged customers for services during the 'free' trial period. The company paid the state's costs and made no admission that it broke the law. Investigators in the case found that MagicJack's product had limitations that were not properly disclosed, and that the company did not respond adequately to customer complaints.

    The BBB in Florida lists a corporate number for MagicJack, but while the customer care department has a webchat service, it does not appear to have a public telephone number of its own. Read other interesting legal documents related to the case (including a motion in which MagicJack claims to be 'not in the public eye') at our MagicJack legal documents post.

  • Jesus Murillo Says:

    this works great, but, I'm on Linux Ubuntu, I'd love to be able on my Linux, PLease, if there is an update to this version , just let me know, if it's coming? Great!, I'll wait. (Hope not much time)

  • J S Mac Says:

    You know I have had MJ for over 2 years but 5 months ago ditched Microsoft tired of upgrading and discarding working systems then no support. Since MJ was scheduled to work with linux first quarter didn't sweat it but now would like to know when it will be avail for linux. If you have a mega computer and super band with very little trouble. I had more trouble with MS crashing then with MJ. But since the switch to linux no puter crashing. Thank you open source community.

  • Randy Says:

    "S. Alexa Says:
    May 7th, 2010 at 8:57 am

    I do not have a magic thing yet, but at a glance, it does not appear to be something I would expect to work well. However, I *would* probably give it a try sometime, depending on:

    1) Linux support comes available.."
    Hey, no sweat. The magicjack website says linux support in the first quarter of 2010. Coure - now that we're half way through the second quarter without linux support, one just might wonder. (One might also wonder why the hell they don't at least update their FAQ's.)

  • C.Watts Says:

    I have had the *MAJICJACK* for almost a year now, and the only thing that i have found wrong with it is that when your are talking on it and someone wants to got on the Internet the darn thing like to skips like you have a bad studdering problem. On other occasions I have found it to be quite useful, I traveled a lot with my latest job and I use it all over the state when my cell phone wouldn't get service,so to me personally it was a great investment for time and money,I have almost got my whole family buying one so they can enjoy the savings as I do. i save nearly $580.00 a year switching from my old phone company to *MAJICJACK* so i guess what I'm tiring to say is buy and try it for your selves.and see if you like the savings or not

  • S. Alexa Says:

    I do not have a magic thing yet, but at a glance, it does not appear to be something I would expect to work well. However, I *would* probably give it a try sometime, depending on:

    1) Linux support comes available (no exceptions for this, I'll NEVER use Windows.)

    2) If it's true that the terms & conditions allow you to somehow 'advertise' to customers, that would have to change.

    3) The ratio of "good" to "bad" reports/comments leans further toward "good".

    4) The list of usable area codes gets much larger- I mean, it would have to work reliably outside of North America, such as from a boat.

  • GrumpyOldGoat Says:


    2 years and still no support for Linux based computers.

    Speak to us some more about "customer support"......

    What a load of crap!

  • Raj Says:

    I say screw this. THEY lie and lie and LIE!!! its been a year since i bought my MJ an dno linux support its almost mid 2010 and no support. I hat eto say this. but im byuing a VOIP phone for skype and connect it to my router. MJ you failed me. and failed teh linux community. I HOPE you get sued and go out of business. I hate proprietary companies for this reason .. SELFISH, MONEY HUNGRY brats the only reason they did not release a linux driver for their MJ is BECAUSE they dont see much market for it and they are after the biig bucks. that is why i quit windows. and that is why i quite you. I have 3 devices and 1 is being used by my mom overseas. and ill make sure i get SKYPE running instead of MJ. You just lost my business. and millions of other linux users. congrats MJ.

  • rick Says:

    I've had MJ for about 2 years now and haven't been able to use it much. Why you ask? Because I run Linux, not Windoze. I'm not going to run a special box just to run MJ. I bought the platinum pkg because the owner said it would be supported on Linux in the coming months. What I've seen is that every time somebody comes up with a hack that allows us to use the service on linux, MJ modifies the service to kill our use--which we paid for. It looks like they want to insure we have to use the tigerjet dongle and not some software sip phone. I would actually prefer to use the dongle and handset myself, but they need to SUPPORT LINUX for me to do this.

    And by the way...the service is MUCH more stable using a different SIP phone. I've used Linux sine about 94 and been involved in the dev community off and on since then. IT DOES NOT TAKE YEARS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! IT TAKES YEARS WHEN YOU ARE TAKING STEPS TO INSURE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE FOOLING MJ?!?!?

    $100 down the drain!

  • Beloved Ndegwa Says:

    Enough with the bs when will Magicjack work with linux OS's. I want a date there are two main types of OS's Microsoft and Linux. I want to know when not "were working on it". WHEN!!!

  • wakeup Says:

    This is a support forum, if you need help call MJ or goto unofficial support forum for help.

  • Zora Pacquette Says:

    Checking out <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> while watching the news! Life is grand. Reading this makes me want to check out my credit card rates.

  • Steve Says:

    Have been using a "jack" since almost it's birth so thought I would share some commentary. First the unit itself is solid. I have tossed it around and not destroyed it. Secondly the chat support works for most problems assuming you do some sort of maintenance on your computer periodically......but not all and those can take enormous effort to "finally" get through to someone to resolve. Examples of the latter are intermittent call quality, you hearing them, they not hearing you, strange messages when you dial (in other languages), call dropping, it doesn't ring, takes more than 20 seconds to start ringing and other things (but most are listed). If you experience one of these then try to get to the elevated tech support.......and state......I DO NOT WANT TO GO THRU THE NORMAL repair routine......I HAVE ALREADY been thru it. Why? Because the problem is with the network....meaning they use others and "others" may not have the best of equipment, particularly in rural areas. If you can't make a contact thru the "chat" service then email everyone you can at MJ.....someone will get back to you. Anytime your problem is intermittent it is more than likely the network (and who you are being routed thru). The product is basically sound, networks are not and more than likely you won't go thru the issue I went thru.
    It now starts ringing in less than 5 seconds, voice quality is as good as a landline, and have not had a problem (of any sort) in a month.

  • Timothy Carnes Says:

    I have seen "it will be ready for Linux' in first quarter of 2010 since it's inception. I fine the e effort lacking. Mac is also a Unix Os so the length of time you have stated as "shortly' does not qualify as an ambitious endeavor. A product for the poor the poor can not afford with out buying 100 dollars or more OSs . So much for the savings. Bottom line is ther is blantant apathy for linux users. What no kick backs like from MS and MAC?

  • Gregorio Says:

    Still waiting for LINUX Support...

  • ellen brooks Says:

    I don't know what else to say. I NEED HELP

  • ellen brooks Says:

    My magic juack (with which I have been so pleased) has ceased to function. No dial tone . It records the number I'm trying to dial but the phone does not ring. I need help PLEASE

  • Ron Says:

    One kenpmason
    Do you Even know what your Talking about?

    Magic Jack works GREAT On Windows.

    But Linux was Promised to us so where is it?

  • kenpmason Says:

    MagicJack is crapware!

    magicJack's software is installed into AppData--a hidden folder--NOT in Program Files. It has no uninstall, nor any Exit function. It autostarts with Windows without telling you. As a result, most users will never be able to get rid of it. And the only way to stop an online order in mid-stream is to kill it's process (you can't go back). THEN you find that the order completed without your authorization. Lastly, their EULA is almost as long and complicated as that of Windows.

    When I complained to their online chat tech support about these issues, I was told that no one else had complained of these "features"!

  • G. Stubbs Says:

    I love my magicJack except for a few things.

    The overly large splash page that takes precious minutes to load. Couldn't it be made smaller and load in the background? Also I don't need ti to tell me to tell my friends. I'll do so IF I think it's a great product and I have but I hate that it tells me that while I'm waiting for it to load when I have other things I could be doing but the programs is loading....and loading ....and loading........

    Having the customer service online is great except they can't do anything. They are obviously from India or some other foreign country in that they apologize, apologize, apologize...but can't do anything. I don't want an apology I want a fix.

    Other then that I love it. Some suggestions:

    I'd like clearer directions on which phone you need to have various services. And written directions on how to use the phone functions.

    For those people posting about various problem but who haven't contact the customer service, go to, go down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a row of links (Customer Care/Live Agent | FAQ's/Knowledgebase | Reviews | FREE magicJack Conference Calling ) and click on the Customer Care/Live Agent. Another page will come up and you'll see: 4 boxes:

    Top Questions Being Asked:

    Click here for live help

    Order / Billing Chat


    Click on the click here for live help and follow the direction.

    I love if there were an email address to contact magicJack.

  • D Hawkins Says:

    When we 1st got MJ last year we really loved it, but now we are having all kinds of problems, cuts off, shows needs bebugged, you can not hear, long rings, goes straight to voice mail and does not ring on the other side, we are unplugging it over and over in the course of a day. I am ready to order something else even if was only 20.00 a year. My husband is home all day and if an emergency happened I could not get him and he could not call me. If someone knows a fix for all of this please let us know.

  • Brian Says:

    two years after this was posted and STILL no Linux support?

  • Shauna Major Says:

    The following link to Magic Jack LP BBB complaint listing, was interestingly Dan Borislow's company, YMax Communications.
    Theresa Says:
    June 2nd, 2008 at 9:18 pm
    nb Says: 
August 6th, 2008 at 12:06 am
    Seems like that BBB Fla link that was an “F” rating has mysteriously changed to a “C” and all of the complaint counts for the last 36 months now show zero?! A little manipulation?

    The Magic Jack LP link should actually be:

    Not all of us, as Dan has indicated in a posting answering to the complaints Magic Jack Customer Service is receiving, are "bloggers" out to ruin the reputation of Magic Jack. Some of us are sincerely disappointed in the service.

    A deal isn't a deal if you have to decide that crappy service is ok, since you didn't pay too much. The company COULD be great, but they have to get their people trained and able to deal with customers.

    I've been on the phone for 1 hour in total today! I am RIGHT NOW sitting on hold - with Houston Texas, from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, to get the Canadian Area Code their website says is available to me. Their "Tech Chat" said to me, and I quote, "Oh, sorry to inform you that feature is no longer available for some reason." THEY told me I had to buy a new MagicJack in order to register for a Canadian Phone number (I have a US numbered MagicJack now) - so I did that, and then they won't register me a Canadian Phone Number.

    I've escalated the call, and I'm to call back tomorrow to see if they can provide what they said they would provide to me. I can't help think that this is a fast cash grab. Will up date how it's been resolved and file an official complaint with the BBB.

  • Yogesh Sharma Says:

    This blog entry is dated April 28th, 2008
    Now we are in 2010
    I think All promises to support were bluff.

  • michael Says:

    We got magic jack because we had heard good reviews, however after trying to for 2 months we really don't like it. We are forever having to get them to fix it and we decided to get it because we work from home. This was a bad idea, using Magic Jack while uploading or downloading files greatly effects how this works. Constantly having to change USB ports is beyond the joke, I have 6 usb ports on my pc 2 on my laptop and more on the other pc's and laptops in the house. Tech support has had us use them all over and over again, this is the only hardware I have ever had to move about this much in my 17 years of using computers. We are talking to tech support every other day for them to fix it. I can say this is a good idea on paper but its not very good in practical use. At least it only cost us 20 bux, we are cancelling ours shortly and getting a normal land line. This should work on a 22mbps connection but it doesn't.

  • jack taylor Says:

    magicjack completely sucked. when my phone would ring, it was one long continuous ring. after picking up, a phone would ring in back ground and people couldn't hear me say hello. many times while talking a sound like a phone button being pushed was heard, but people on the other end didn't hear it, so i know it was on my line. i'll stick to cell phones.

  • Hemantrai Desai Says:

    I purchased 2Mj in December2008. Iam pleased with Mj's Function. But Customer service is VERY POOR. They had charged me on 22nd December $43.86[ Ref #7045500982] &amp; $93.80. { Ref # 7045500950 }Still to day they didnot give me Explaination How they charged me $137.66. For 2MJ. And now they are demanding Reneuwal fee. Live Chat Rep is not having information of their customer.

  • voj1e3 Says:

    I dual boot my computer just for MJ :(
    Still waiting for linux support. What is taking so long?

  • Terry Says:

    Loved my MagicJack while I had Vista. Only thing I miss since I switched to Ubuntu.

  • Aleksiy Says:

    I need Linux driver for MagicJack. Is anybody can help ?

  • Liberty Says:

    Still waiting for linux support. What is taking so long?

  • Peter Wolff Says:

    This is my sixth or seventh MJ. They have all worked well, this time this one has been a problem. The last time it turned out our phone was giving up the ghost. We bought a new phone and no problem. This #6
    would not work on my laptop. I plugged it into our PC got it registered and now it seems to be working after a bit or trial and error. You really need to remember that you are paying pennies not dollars to call around the country. Be patient. I sent one to a business associate in Brazil, and another to my brother-in-law in India. Sure we have problems at times. We also have a greatly reduced bottom line and it works for us. Be patient with yourself and with the MJ folks. These things take time. My phone bill at home went from over $100 a month to zero. I am going to use it at my office from now on as well. Many times it is not the MJ but your computer. I bought a new one to solve the static problem and it worked. Be patient.

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