iPhone X Meets MacBook: Apple's Next Laptops Could Be This Stunning

Apple took on a new design concept with its iPhone X, complete with a display that nearly entirely covers its face. But what if the feature came to all of Apple's other devices?

That was a question that designers at Curved.de asked, and decided to take matters into their own handsets. The designers took the iPhone X design concept and applied it to Macs, iPads, and even Apple Watch to envision what Apple's products might look and feel like if the company took design cues from the iPhone X.

Each of the renderings created by Curved.de, which were earlier reported on by 9to5Mac, use existing Apple designs for the company's MacBook Pro, iMac, Apple Watch, and iPad Pro. However, the designer extended the devices' displays to the very end of the screen, creating the effect of a full-screen product. And yes, Curved.de decided to keep the notch at the top of the screen to mimic the same feature in the iPhone X.

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Interestingly, the iMac was one device that didn't have a screen that covered its entire face. Instead, Curved.de envisions the display stretching all the way to the top and to the sides, but the designers believe that the screen won't remove the area below the display where the Apple logo sits. On the MacBook Pro, however, the display will entirely cover its top clamshell panel and keep the keyboard on the bottom.

Apple has not said that it wants to dramatically change the design on its devices or use the iPhone X for its future concepts. But the company is clearly interested in investing heavily in OLED screen technology. It's possible that Apple will expand OLED to other screens in the company's line of devices, including the Mac and iPad. And if it does so, it's possible it will use the iPhone X design to make products consistent.

If the Curved.de design is any indication, Apple's concept could be awfully attractive — and ignite a dramatically different era in the company's design concepts.