MacBook Pro's OLED Screen May Be Called 'Magic Toolbar'

Now that we know Apple is hosting an event on Oct. 27, little details are stating to trickle out. The MacBook Pro's rumored imminent refresh is expected to be big, with the addition of a dynamic, OLED touch bar. A report from The Trademark Ninja (we found it through TechCrunch) suggests that Apple may own the "Magic Toolbar" trademark, possibly for that secondary display.

That name, coincidentally, goes well with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard names for Apple's iMac accessories.

The dynamic touch bar notion  makes a lot of sense, but should also be taken with a fairly massive grain of salt, as the Trademark Ninja story involves shell-company names and a ton of money changing hands.

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 The name "Magic Toolbar" suggests that Apple will use the OLED mini-display as a toolbar similar to the one on top of program windows, or with unique features for each app, as has been constantly rumored.

We're also expecting the new MacBook Pro to include USB Type-C ports and to eliminate MagSafe.

We'll let you know what the new MacBooks bring next week from the ground at Apple's event. Stay tuned.

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