Lenovo's $199 Miix 320: Better Screen, Better Touchpad

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At last year's Mobile World Congress, Lenovo introduced the Miix 310, a 2-in-1 that promised 10 hours of battery life in a low-priced portable. Lenovo's back this year, with a new version of the Miix that ups some of the specs on the detachable Windows 10 hybrid while keeping the price tag at a minuscule size.

lenovo miix 320 leadLenovo's Miix 320 arrives this April starting at $199. With this latest version, Lenovo says it's upped the overall quality of the 2-in-1, including improvements to the 10.1-inch display and the addition of a precision touchpad to the device's docking keyboard.

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The Miix 320 now features a 1920 x 1200 Full HD display, an improvement over the 1280 x 800 resolution on last year's model. One of our complaints when we reviewed that version of the Miix was that the screen was too reflective so we're eager to see if the improved resolution addresses that issue.

lenovo miix 320 seperatedLenovo also offers more RAM and storage space: you can get up to 4GB of DDR3 memory and 128GB of storage on the Miix 320. The 2-in-1 runs on an Intel Atom X5 processor with Intel HD graphics.

lenovo miix 320 portsThe detachable tablet on the Miix 320 features a USB Type-C port as well an HDMI port. You'll find two USB 2.0 ports on the keyboard, and the Miix 320 also offers optional LTE connectivity to go with its built-in Wi-Fi.

Even with the spec changes, nothing's really changed with the idea behind by the Miix detachable: provide a very portable device that gets users through the day on a single charge. Like its predecessor, the Miix 320 promises 10 hours of battery life, and we found the Miix 310's long-lasting battery to be one of its better features when we reviewed the 2-in-1 last year.

lenovo mii 320 keyboardWhen the Miix 320 tablet is connected to the keyboard, the entire package weighs  roughly 2.24 pounds — a little bit lighter than the Miix 310. Detach the screen from the keyboard, and you're toting around a 1.2-pound tablet.

lenovo miix 320 buttonsWe look forward to getting our hands on the Miix 320 when it arrives this spring. A version offering Active Pen support and a year's subscription to Microsoft Office 365 will follow in July in select markets.

Photo credits: Sam Rutherford/Laptop

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  • J. Mel Says:

    It would be nice if you actually reviewed one. Just got it. Max SD micro card size is 64Gb. Screen is 1280 x 800. Installed memory is 64Gb. I expected it to accept a 256GB micro sd card, but if you put anything larger than 64GB in it doesn't recognize it and it causes the computer to act weird. If you don't need memory it might work, but if you need memory, forget it.

  • Schizoid04 Says:

    When does the new update with active pen and o365 come out? End of July? Still on target? I've heard that release will support a higher screen resolution and memory, I really want it. Any idea on the day it'll be released?

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