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Leaked Video Shows Chromebook Pixel, Google-Branded High-Res Notebook

After a slow start, Chromebooks have become more popular of late, with a slew of new manufacturers including HP and Lenovo recently embracing the platform while sales have skyrocketed. Now, it looks like Google is getting in on the game by releasing its own notebook, the Chromebook Pixel. If the leaked video below is to be believed, this new notebook will be "designed entirely by Google," which implies that it won't be built by a partner like ASUS or Samsung.

Though the video is scant on details, it does say that the display has 4 million pixels, which implies a retina-display-like resolution, which some believe will be 2560 x 1700 pixels. We also see a finger pinch-zooming on the display, clearly indicating this notebook has a touch screen. From the video, we can also see that the Chromebook Pixel has two USB ports, a mini DisplayPort and an SD card reader. 

The video was originally spotted on the YouTube channel for a company called Slinky.Me, which has made promotional videos for Google in the past and is run by a former Google software engineer. However, after it was exposed -- allegedly through hacking -- the video was quickly taken down and Slicky.Me's CEO apologized to Sergy Brin, which seems to imply that the Chromebook Pixel is legit. We'd guess that, if the product is real, we'll be seeing it at Google I/O in May.