Kodak Announces 24X Superzoom, 3 Budget Cameras

Leading Kodak's CES 2009 camera lineup is the Z980, a 24X superzoom. The 12-MP camera ($399, March) caters to advanced photographers with its vertical grip, manual controls, and hot shue for Kodak's optional P20 flash.

Kodak is hoping it will present an appealing alternative to DSLRs, which are still more expensive. To boot, it has 720p movie recording, a feature for which you'll have to pay big bucks in a DSLR.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Kodak announced three additions to its budget-friendly M series: the M380 ($179), M340 ($149), and M320 ($129). Both the M380 and M340 are 10-MP, but they have 5X and 3X optical zoom, respectively. The M320 is 9-MP with 3X optical zoom. All of them have a 2.7-inch LCD.

The M380 and M340 will be available in March; the M320, in February.