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It's Official! Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update is Available for WP7 Smartphones

It's been a long time coming but Windows Phone 7.5, the update Microsoft nicknamed Mango, is available for download to existing Windows Phone devices today.  

Microsoft first discussed the update in early June, but today marks the day that the software package will be rolled out to existing handsets and begin shipping on pre-sell units. The list of new features in Windows Phone 7.5 includes limited multitasking support, improved aggregation for group messages, enhanced e-mail, more integration of speech recognition, and the ability to create personalized avatars for gaming with Xbox Live. Check out our in-depth Windows Phone Mango hands-on.

Microsoft posted an official schedule detailing when existing Windows Phone 7 devices will receive the update. As of now, all devices can receive the update, however carriers are allowed final say on the finite delivery date. Let us know if the new software is sent to your device today.