Yellow Jacket Case Turns Your iPhone 5s into a Stun Gun

There are plenty of stunning iPhone cases out there, but only one that takes that concept literally. The Yellow Jacket iPhone case now turns your iPhone 5/5s into a stun gun for emergency situations. This electrifying accessory is set to launch in February for $149. 

The Yellow Jacket has an all-black design, with a TPE soft plastic shell that attaches to the larger stun gun pack. The case sports ambidextrous triggers, making it easy to active the stun gun no matter how you're holding your iPhone. If you're worried about accidentally stunning yourself or your friends, the Yellow Jacket has a swiveling electrode cap and a safety switch to prevent accidental deployment.

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This case is more than just a self defense weapon, as it packs a built-in 1800 mAh lithium polymer battery that can charge your iPhone 5 or 5s when connected. According to Yellow Jacket, the new model has 30 percent more stun gun voltage and amperage than the iPhone 4/4S model, which is available now for $99.

 The Yellow Jacket makes a strong case for emergency-minded smartphone accessories, and we look forward to going hands-on with this portable shocker at CES 2014.

Michael Andronico
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