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Intel Unveils Quark Chip for Wearables, Shows Off Smartwatch

Intel isn't ceding the wearable computing market to its ARM-based competitors. Today at Intel Developer Forum 2013, CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled Quark, a new SoC (system on a chip) that the executive said is just a fifth the size of the company's Atom line of mobile processors while using one tenth the power. 

After showing the tiny SoC in his hands and explaining that it will work for both the "Internet of things" and for wearable computers, Krzanich showed off a sample system board that can be used with Quark and held a watch reference design in his hands. While he did not power on the watch or give any details about it, the CEO did say that Intel would use its reference designs to help partners make their own designs. 

Intel also said that Quark is fully synthesizable so that partners can combine their own intellectual property with Intel's. While overall details are sparse, we're excited to see how this new technology develops and what kinds of devices it powers.