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Intel Capital Gives Ultrabooks $300 Million Push

Intel is putting its money where its mouth is. Intel Capital announced that it's shelling out $300 million to aid companies in building Ultrabooks. Like the MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9, Ultrabooks are notebooks that combine very slim designs and fast resume times with long battery life. But Intel wants to hit more mainstream prices--under $1,000--which will be critical to combat the tablet threat.

Ultrabooks will be rolling out in three stages. The first devices will debut later this year with 2nd Generation Core Series CPUs. The next stage of the plan involves the launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors in 2012. In 2013, Intel will be designing from the ground up for Ultrabooks with its Haswell chip, which promises to half the power consumption of today’s microprocessors.

Who will be making Ultrabooks? We already know about the upcoming Acer Aspire 3951 and Asus UX21, and there are rumors that HP is putting the finishing touches on its first Ultrabook. Lenovo is jumping on the bandwagon is well.

“Ultrabook takes the best technologies and marries them with sleeker designs and extraordinarily long battery life for a new kind of computing experience,” said Peter Hortensius, President, Product Group, Lenovo.

We'll have to wait and see whether Ultrabooks will live up to the hype--and if they can woo shoppers away from tablets.