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Intel Shows Off Bay Trail-T Tablets, Slated for Launch in Late 2013

Intel's opening keynote at this year's Computex was all about redefining the next generation of PCs, as Intel's Tom Killroy stressed the importance of today's new hybrid tablet-PC devices. The company flaunted new tablets based on its upcoming Bay Trail-T chips on stage for the first time, revealing that the first tablets toting this hardware will launch toward the end of 2013.

"Today we're talking about 2 in 1," Killroy said on stage. "Thanks to the fourth generation core this foundation is ushering in a new era of computing  around 2 in 1 [devices]. This is  a tremendous opportunity for our industry to change the course of computing."

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Intel's 22nm quad-core Intel Atom system-on-a-chip will be the first chip from Intel to support LTE. According to Killroy, tablets running Bay Trail-T chips will have battery lives as high as 8 hours. Killroy showcased tablets running graphics-intensive games and streaming 4K video on stage, although he didn't specify exactly when we will see these devices. Overall, Intel claims its Bay Trail-T processors will provide a two-fold performance increase over its predecessors and three-times better graphics capabilities.

We're not sure which tablets would come with Bay Trail-T, but Killroy did say that some models will start at $399.