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Intel Apollo Lake To Power Next Generation of 2-in-1s

If you've been holding off on a cheap 2-in-1 because the specs weren't powerful enough, it soon might be time for you to pull the trigger. At its Intel Developer Forum, the leading chip-maker announced its upcoming Apollo Lake Atom chipset, which is set to replace the existing Cherry Trail platform.

Apollo Lake will have two key advantages over Cherry Trail: its graphics architecture and the wide variety of components that can be used in tandem with the processor. It will use a Gen9 graphics architecture, which is the same found in today's, more-powerful 6th Generation Core Series CPUs, so you can expect strong 4K video playback. In terms of hardware, the processor will support a variety of RAM, storage options and port options, including USB Type-C.

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Because the chips were just announced, we'll have to wait a bit for 2-in-1s and laptop/tablet hybrids with Apollo Lake processors to hit the market; they're expected in the second half of the year, likely towards the holiday season.

Intel's Atom processors are usually found in smaller 2-in-1s and mini PCs where size is prioritized over speed and power or in low-cost devices. Those cheaper computers may get a little more powerful by the end of the year if Intel has its way.

[via Slashgear, Anandtech, image via Michael Vitek/Shutterstock]