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Intel's 4th Gen CPUs Bring Unprecedented Power to FANGbook Notebooks

If you're itching to push the limits of the new 4th Generation Intel Core Haswell processors, CyberPowerPC has announced a new series of gaming notebooks that take full advantage of the new CPUs. The company says that the new chips will give users "more choices than ever in mobile and desktop form factors," thanks to improved performance and longer battery life.

Notebooks in the FANGbook series will include a 4th Generation Core i7 CPU coupled with Nvidia's new GTX 700 series GPU, promising to push the envelope of current gaming performance possibilities. CyberPowerPC claims that these new notebooks have desktop-like power, competing with powerful gaming rigs while providing the convenience of portability. Thanks to the improved battery performance of the new 4th generation Intel Core chips, as well as the more power-efficient Nvidia chips, these new notebooks have a huge boost in battery life as well.

There are three notebooks in the FANGbook Evo series, the HX7-100, HX7-200 and HX7-300, costing between $1,399 and $1,929 with the default components. Each notebook, however, can be fully customized, including increased memory, solid state drives and blu-ray players, which can cause the prices to fluctuate based on the desired final setup. All notebooks are assembled in the USA and optimized for optimal airflow for notebook cooling and run Microsoft's new Windows 8 operating system.