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Instagram Reportedly Sheds 25 Percent of Its Users (Update: Instagram Responds)

It looks as though Instagram's backpedaling wasn't enough to quell user outrage at the controversial new terms of service that were released—and rapidly repealed—a couple of weeks back. New data from the AppData analytics firm shows a massive 25 percent drop in Instagram's active daily users since the momentous announcement.

The service had 16.4 million active users when it introduced the new TOS, AppData told the New York Post. That number dropped to 12.4 million users as of December 26th.

(Update: Instragram has reportedly reached out to The Verge telling the site that AppData's number's are off and that the social media site is still seeing steady user growth.)

Even though Instagram quickly rolled its TOS back to the previous version, the damage was already done. Hordes of Instagram users had already vowed to dump the photo-sharing service and, for once, the threats to leave may have actually been acted upon.

All the grumbling that springs up whenever Facebook changes its TOS doesn't change the fact that no other social network has Facebook's ubiquitous reach. There are myriad Instagram clones, on the other hand, including a beautiful new Flickr app that still integrates with Twitter. (Shortly before the TOS spat, Instagram yanked the ability to view Instagram photos directly in your Twitter feed.)

Not all of the numbers look bad for Instagram. As The Verge points out, weekly users are up to 2.3 million over the last seven days, and Instagram welcomed 1.7 million more monthly users according to the same report. Hopefully Instagram will set the record straight on how much of an exodus it has on its hands.

via AppData, New York Post, The Verge