InkCase+ Adds an E Ink Screen to Your Galaxy S5

Battery anxiety is an all too common feeling for most of us. It seems chaos is imminent when our smartphone is running low. But what if you could minimize your battery usage while still performing basic functions like map access, reading texts and answering your phone? That is the promise behind InkCase+, a smartphone accessory currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

The InkCase+ is a secondary E Ink screen that taps into apps on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Those include sports and fitness apps, an e-book reader, photos and smartphone notifications. The idea is that you can slot the screen into a special case and then have the E Ink one on top. And since E Ink uses much less battery life, you should enjoy up to 19 hours of continuous use. 

This would be the second-iteration of the InkCase, created by Taiwanese tech company Oaxis, and the company is hoping to raise $100,000 in crowdfunding. Oaxis hopes to ship the first units in October.  The first 200 backers will be able to pre-order the InkCase+ in black for a pledge of $79 while the next 400 backers can preorder the InkCase+ in either white or black for $89. After the first 600 pledges, additional backers can preorder the Black InkCase+ for $99 and the White Inkcas+ for $109.

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Pledgers will be able to choose between either a FitCase or a pouch to hold their InkCase+.  This case will help users save battery power while performing key functions via its e-ink screen. InkCase+ will allow the user to read sports scores, weather updates, text, and maps, among other functions.  It never deactivates, which allows the user to transfer important documents, such as to-do lists and boarding passes to be available without needing to activate an applications.  It also takes photos and can display them when attached to the FitCase.  InkCase+’s Fitcase is only compatible with the Galaxy S5.  However, if 500 people all ask for a particular model, then Oaxis will create a compatible case.

While various companies have attempted to create E Ink compatible phones, we’ve found them to be limited in computing power.  However, the versatility of Inkcase+ has the potential of making a product that will save the consumer a lot of battery power and still operate their phone as is necessary.