Hands-on: Slick HP Pavilion dv6 and dv7 Sport Brushed Aluminum Designs, Beats Audio with Quad Speakers

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In addition to its budget g series line of notebooks, HP today announced its updated Pavilion dv series, targeted at higher-end mainstream consumers. The dv6 and dv7 were designed using HP's MUSE (Materials, Usability, Sensory appeal, and Experience) philosophy, and incorporate a variety of metals, plastics, and features designed to increase usability. They will feature Intel second-gen Core processors and AMD Radeon 6000 graphics, and each will sport four speakers with Beats audio technology (previously reserved for the premium Envy line).

Both the dv6 (a 15.6-inch model) and the dv7 (a 17.3-inch system) feature a metal dark umber finish--a bronze/brownish color. Another nice design element is the "Hewlett Packard" logo on the back edge of the notebook - it's a subtle touch, but a classy one.  Plus, you get CoolSense technology for keeping the temperatures down. Other features common to both systems include USB 3.0 ports, HP TrueVision HD webcams, and a fingerprint reader with HP SimplePass, so consumers can access online accounts and passwords by swiping their finger.

The dv6  has a 15.6-inch HD BrightView display and up to 1TB of storage. The dv7 will have a subwoofer on its bottom (in addition to the four speakers), a 17.3-inch HD Brightview display, and up to 2TB of storage.

Because of the Intel Sandy Bridge recall, availability for both systems is the "spring," according to HP, and pricing has yet to be finalized. Check out the video and gallery below and let us know if you're psyched about these new Pavilions in the comments.

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  • Daiser Says:

    which serial number is this dv7?

  • Troll Says:

    I got the dv6 a few days back and till date i am very happy with it. A brilliant design with the metal finish and it runs much cooler than my previous dv5. The graphic card is also powerful and i could run games like crysis 2 on full without lag. Plus, swtichable graphics makes it even better. The audio is great too.

  • AlohaAngel Says:

    Sadly disappointed. This is the first computer in all my life that I've had to return. I'm not a MAC person but I do use my laptops for recording audio. In the past I have had Vaio but my IT guy convinced me HP was better. I went for it. Big mistake with this model. The sound is bad. Most likely a damaged sound card from the factory. I didn't have it for more than 8 hours before it started causing major problems popping, cracking, and skipping. I delayed a major audio project due to the debacle. The new layout of the extra shortcut keys on the Qwerty are far to the left instead of across the top. This causes you to constantly type the wrong keys.
    The mouse is VERY tricky. I need to use the click and swipe to cut and insert while editing audio tracks, if you block and copy a lot this laptop is not for you. The mouse jumps when you hold down the left click/right click and mouse at same time. The back-lit keyboard is awesome. Sad that the laptop screen does not lock down upon closure that's a bit dangerous. The metal casing is absolutely beautiful but just rub one little thing across it and it will scratch VERY easily. This laptop was created with some bells and whistles that might look appealing but just weren't thought out. It goes back to the store tomorrow. I'm going back to Vaio. Sigh!

  • Alice Says:

    I have just bought the new HP Pavillion dv6, my only qualms are the fact that the touchpad's left and right click are touch sensitive (so when I'm click-dragging something, it can cause the pointer to jump across the page!) and the left and right mouse buttons are SO hard to press.

    The keyboard is also awkwardly spaced, I keep missing the ' A ' key and turning CAPS LOCK on. Sigh.

    Im not sure where the 'Cooling System' comes in either, mine runs so hot all the time, I have to prop it up on a ventilated rack!!

    Ive only just started using it, have yet to run and games or DVDs to check the graphics capabilities, but overall (despire my grumbling) its proving to be an asset.

  • sfghdfsg Says:

    No USB3, that to bad, many new laptops start to bring it... And it is made in China?

    Otherwise seems quite cool.

  • Bobby Says:

    What's the battery life in the dv7?

  • ritalano Says:

    Does the new model offer a backlit keyboard?

  • jsh1120 Says:

    Now that HP has added Beats Audio to the Pavillion line, it will be interesting to see if a full HD screen is available, as well. Without a 1920x1080 screen option (at least in the 17 inch version), this model is a no-go for me. But if HP adds the option I'm not sure why one would pay a premium for the 17 inch Envy unless the cooling issue has been resolved in that model and not in the Pavillion line.

  • Tony A Says:

    Looks absolutely amazing. Will hopefully be getting the 15-inch version. I wonder if the touchscreen option will still be available? Either way, looks like an amazing computer.

  • Lee Says:

    The last gen model cooling ran hot. What is the cooling system like on this new model, has it been upgraded?
    Can you comment on the model of processor it is running, the video card model and if it uses GDDR5?

  • Jonas Says:

    Wow Mike thanks so much for posting this.

    Awesome first look, I know what computer I'm waiting for now :)

    Anyways I wanted to ask you in the video you say a Fed. 27 release date in in the post you say a March release date. Any idea which one its going be?

    Thanks for doing such an awesome job. I'm a total fan of laptopmag.

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