How to Use a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller on a PC

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Xbox 360 Controller PC how-to

While most PC gamers use the traditional tools of the trade (a mouse and keyboard), certain game genres work better with a controller. Sure, you could spend $19.99-$89.99 on a PC-exclusive game controller, but why waste money when you can use your Xbox 360's controllers on any Windows computer? Install a wired controller is easy enough, as the drivers normally download automatically, but connecting a wireless game pad  requires a bit more work.

To connect to a wireless Xbox 360 controller, you need to first invest in the HDE Wireless Receiver for Xbox 360 or the Komodo Wireless Gaming Receiver, both of which are available on Amazon for $13.49 and $10.94 respectively. For this how-to, we went with the HDE model in tandem with the MSI GS70. After you've purchased the wireless receiver, follow these steps to get your wireless Xbox 360 controller running on your PC.

1. Plug the wireless receiver into an available USB port. The PC will act like it is installing drivers but there are a couple of more steps.

2. Visit and download the most recent driver for the Xbox 360 Controller for PC.

xbox 360 controller how-to

3. Install the driver.

xbox 360 controller how-to

4. Go to Device Manager, right click Unknown Device under the Other Device header and select Update Driver Software.

device manager


5. Select the Browse my computer for the driver software option.

xbox 360 controller how-to             

7. Choose the Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer option.

device manager3

8. Scroll down and select Xbox 360 Peripherals and click the Next button.

device manager4

9. Choose the most up-to-date version of the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. You'll receive a message warning you that the driver is not recommended. Ignore this and hit the Yes button.

device manager5

10. Press the pair button on the receiver while simultaneously hitting the small pairing button.

Xbox 360 controller pc how-to

11. Press the Xbox Guide button and wait for the top right light to come on.

xbox 360 controller how to

12. Launch your game and have fun!                                                            

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  • Valhalen Says:

    Does this work for Windows 10? I noticed the drivers in the Downloads section are only for Windows 7 and below.

  • Rahul Sharma Says:

    This controller is the newest version with red sticks and red buttons. I tested it playing shadowgun and dead trigger. I did find some dead zones in the right stick, not much but coming from a PS3 controller using an OTG cord it was easy for me to notice them. Playing and handling my galaxy note 3 while attached to this gamepad was superb, like playing with a big psp or even better, but the select and start buttons are very difficult to push specially while in the middle of a gaming session, so if you are like me that use all buttons available you will struggle with it.

  • r Says:

    Do the above steps but go to microsoft website and choose install hardware devices for windows

  • zelox Says:

    I have followed this steps by step and when i go into Device manager and update driver and but there is not an option for xbox 360 peripherals. what do i do?

  • Jonathan Garlick Says:

    Sadly, this has not been working for me. I purchased the HDE model, downloaded the correct driver, and installed it correctly. But when I try to connect my Xbox 360 Controller to the receiver it doesn't connect. I also cannot tell if the receiver is even trying to get a signal from the controller because the light doesn't give me any indication that it is.

  • Joey Says:

    Can I use multiple controllers with one HDE Wireless Receiver?

  • Shinohara Says:

    Helped so much, thanks

  • Benji Says:

    I have followed this step by step and when i go into device manager i do not recieve the option for xbox 360 Peripherals. any ideas? :/

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