How to Share to Facebook From Any Windows 8 App

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Whether it's a video that has gone viral or an article about the latest political scandal, sharing links by posting an update to your Facebook account is one of the fundamental ways people use social networks. Whether you're viewing web pages in Internet Explorer or browsing photos in the gallery, Windows 8 makes it easy to share on Facebook in just a couple of clicks. 

  1. Navigate to the webpage that you want to share and open the Charms menu.

  2. Click Share.

  3. Click Post to Facebook.

  4. Click on the Send button underneath the People app icon and the link you chose to share will be posted to your Facebook wall.

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  • Riley Says:

    I think it is the newest update that did it for me. I could have sworn that I could share to Facebook before.
    I hate all the confusing syncing and whatnot that is required for the base (People, Mail, Calendar, etc.) apps.

  • Todd Says:

    Phil B, I'm trying to share a news story from the News App via people, and no dice. Not working for me. Really kind of annoying. Yet another example of how Microsoft is losing it's foothold on the PC market. Buggy products. Hope they fix it soon...

  • Phil B Says:

    It is silly but if you click on share and then "People" you can then send it to Facebook or twitter (or any other account you have linked in your people hub.

  • Deminox Says:

    Doesn't work for anyone. This was probably written during a preview of a version that was not released. As of yet there is no official "facebook" app, and windows 8 only shares through App supported accounts. You can add facebook contacts to People, but not Messaging. You can share to email, and contacts, but not facebook.

    My guess is it has something with Facebook and Microsoft both officially having a "no comment" stance on when and if a windows 8 app will be released.

  • Karl Says:

    Doesn't works for me. Is there some confuguration I must do before to do this?

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