How to Set VIP Contacts in Mail for iOS 6

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Apple has brought the VIP feature over from OS X Mountain Lion’s Mail app to iOS 6, and now it works with iCloud. To add a contact to your VIP list:

Open the Mail app and select the Mailboxes tab.

Tap the VIP tab and press Add VIP.

Find the person you want to name as a VIP and tap their name. Now whenever you receive a message from that person, it will appear in your Notification Center.


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  • JR23 Says:

    Ugh. Not as excited for this as I was when I first heard about it. I'm working on a big project with about 40 people in college right now and I currently get anywhere from 20-30 emails a day about the project. I was hoping I could assign those email address directly to the VIP list to access them all in one centralized location, but having to add people to the VIP list ONLY from your contact list ruins this. We don't do phone communication for this and I'm not going to add 40 people, some of which I'm on a strictly working relationship with, to my contact list just for their emails. I probably won't use this feature until they allow you to type in an email address yourself.

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