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How to Draw Pictures or Edit Documents With Your Contacts in Google+ Hangouts

Google+ hangouts  lets you collaborate in real-time with friends, business partners, or other contacts on a drawing or text document. Imagine sketching on a whiteboard to demonstrate a concept to your clients. Picture yourself working through a project plan with coworkers while you video chat with them about its contents.

To create a shared document or picture in a Google hangout:

1. Create a Google hangout and invite people.

3. Click Google Docs. 

4. Click Create Shared Notes or Create Shared Sketchpad.

5. Ask your friends to click the Apps tab at the bottom of the screen then Google Docs and select the document or picture you just created.

Once you are done drawing or writing your document, it will be saved in your online docs for future use. You can also export the file for offline use.