Hands On With Samsung Rant

Sprint announced the Samsung Rant today, a brand new $49.99 messaging phone that's available in both red and black from the carrier or in purple at Best Buy. We really like Sprint's new One Click interface that comes preloaded on the device, for easy access to the Web, Google, YouTube, your messages, and more. For $49.99 we think this phone will be intriguing not only to the teenage text message audience, but also to those who want a smart phone, but not all of the complicated features or advanced Web interface of such a device. The Rant can handle e-mail and most of what you'd find in a smart phone, but its form factor is more for Joe Consumer. It also comes with a 2MP camera and can access all of Sprint's over-the-air services like Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and the Sprint Music store. Check out our hands-on video below. [flq:38808d921a17493485354cb4e61ecada]