Hands On With Samsung Rant

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Sprint announced the Samsung Rant today, a brand new $49.99 messaging phone that's available in both red and black from the carrier or in purple at Best Buy. We really like Sprint's new One Click interface that comes preloaded on the device, for easy access to the Web, Google, YouTube, your messages, and more. For $49.99 we think this phone will be intriguing not only to the teenage text message audience, but also to those who want a smart phone, but not all of the complicated features or advanced Web interface of such a device. The Rant can handle e-mail and most of what you'd find in a smart phone, but its form factor is more for Joe Consumer. It also comes with a 2MP camera and can access all of Sprint's over-the-air services like Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV, and the Sprint Music store. Check out our hands-on video below. [flq:38808d921a17493485354cb4e61ecada]
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  • Da man Says:

    I Agree with Joe sprints network isn't bad. All my friends think sprint sucks and stuff but i get way better service then at&t, but verizon is about the same. But i wish they would come out woth cool phones first like verizon but over all sprint isn't bad.

  • joe c Says:

    no offense to you but i hate people that think sprint is trash. all my friends think that verison or at&t are the bomb and its not true. i am also a teenager a happen to find that sprint has no problem with their service and has very nice phone's appropriate for all ages

  • silent death Says:

    excuse me tierra but att sucks for sevice and sprint has the largest 3g network and fastest. evdo is simply amazing on this device.

  • Tierra Says:

    O my bad i ment PHONE (1st line,16th word

  • Tierra Says:

    Im reading up on the samsung rant wich i am hoping will be my first phine as Im entering my teenage year ready to text and not even care about talking on the phone because texting is one thing i love to do but only with a QWERTY keyboard. So if i do get this phone ill only have one problem.... Its with sprint and i hate sprint i want at&t. So i hope i can get it changed so goodbye every one i will have to see you all later

    <3 Tierra

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