Hands-on with NUTEC WristFone

There's a rare gadget wandering the show floor here from NUTEC, a fully functional WristFone. The device, which will sell for about $399, serves as both an organizational tool and phone.

It has a full number pad just below its touchscreen, and you can use the device to check your e-mail, surf the Web, or even take pictures with its built-in camera. What's most compelling, though, is that when you're ready to make a call you can just pull the screen off of its dock (which is attached to the wrist band) and hold it up to your ear like you would with any other phone. That way you don't have to look so geeky talking directly into your watch. It's a GSM phone, and under the actual phone unit there's a slot for a SIM card. There's also a USB charging port and a microSD card slot (you can add up to 2GB) on its side. If your fingers are too fat for its small touch screen, NUTEC has even hidden a full stylus just inside the wrist band. It's an awesome device, albeit a bit bulky, that we think true geeks will love.