Hands-On Video: Sony's VAIO FW Series

Boy, did we miss you, Sony notebooks. It's been awhile since a Sony VAIO laptop hit our offices, so we were all open-arms when Sony's VAIO FW Series arrived last week. Sporting Intel's new Centrino 2 or Montevina platform, we spent the week putting the FW Series through the paces. Check out our full review of the system here. But we also suggest you click the play button below to see a video of the FW Series in action. The system is the first to sport a 16.4-inch display (between the more-standard 15.4-inch 17-inch displays) and it has a 16:9 aspect ratio, rather than the 16:10 ratio on most other systems. The result is a sweet viewing experience, especially with our unit's built-in Blu-ray player. [flv:/flvs/sony-fw-series.flv 480 360] I forgot to mention the price in the video. Our review configuration costs $2,099.