Hands-On Video: Sony's VAIO FW Series

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Boy, did we miss you, Sony notebooks. It's been awhile since a Sony VAIO laptop hit our offices, so we were all open-arms when Sony's VAIO FW Series arrived last week. Sporting Intel's new Centrino 2 or Montevina platform, we spent the week putting the FW Series through the paces. Check out our full review of the system here. But we also suggest you click the play button below to see a video of the FW Series in action. The system is the first to sport a 16.4-inch display (between the more-standard 15.4-inch 17-inch displays) and it has a 16:9 aspect ratio, rather than the 16:10 ratio on most other systems. The result is a sweet viewing experience, especially with our unit's built-in Blu-ray player. [flv:/flvs/sony-fw-series.flv 480 360] I forgot to mention the price in the video. Our review configuration costs $2,099.
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  • So neat Vaio Says:

    I ordered my Vaio on the 8th of june dreading the estimated ship date of the 17th triped me out when my door bell rang yesterday the 12th and it was at my door already! i had just checked my order status that same morning and it still said the 17th. Could not be more satisfied with how quickly my order got expedited, even though the order status was not accurate, it was in my favor!

  • Liv Says:

    Hey there guys,
    I am so confused as I am trying to choose between a Dell and a Sony FW. Thanx for all the responses - I came across this site,http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4524 have a read through, could explain your problem Ursula.
    And what is the sound like guys?
    They mention that its pretty low, like has to be on 100% and even still then its too soft.
    (P.S not sure if its against any rules if I post the link - so if it is...then Soz!)

  • Ursula Says:

    I've recently got a VAIO FW140. It's a great laptop, the only thing I will have to complain about is the uneven screen (dark at top, light at bottom), and a light white glare at the botton when seeing dark ambient movies.

  • james bond Says:

    you know i like ur demo, i want to buy more laptop like what u have..where i can buy it?,is there available here in Philippines?,so i could try ur nice Laptop..how much is the price?, even though its expensive i will buy it no matter what is it..tnx gud am NELFI

  • Ryan Ketterl Says:

    I faced the YouTube dilemma as well, it's due to the new screen ratio. Fortunately, there is a very easy fix. Just right click on the YouTube video and disable "hardware acceleration"

  • Agni Says:

    I brought this laptop recently . Overall it is really nice . I have one question though , when ever I am trying to open you tube video trying to maximize that , it is not showing up in the screen . Instead showing while screen with black diagonal bar ,

  • Mike__ Says:

    What are the max speeds of the BD/DVD writer combo??

  • eDz Says:

    omggg, i so want to order it, but i cant because they dont ship it to estonia...

  • Romy Says:

    I'm very intrigued by the Sony FW series. How would you say it compares to a MacBook Pro?

  • Irvine Says:

    what is "installation option"?? if i choose "none", does my laptop work?? and when will they bring it to you Muhtady ??

  • MUHTADY Says:

    I ordered it at www.Sony.com. Since the FW model has not hit the market yet, you have to pre-order it through Sony's website. The website also has 12 month financing and you also get a $100 Sony gift card for future purchases. They will ship the laptop first week of August. It is well worth the wait....

  • Robert Says:

    Is the casing material for this laptop magnesium? I have an older sony laptop with the magnesium casing and it's stood up to amazing amounts of abuse compared to a cheap plastic HP laptop I have

  • Irvine Says:

    Muhtady, where did you buy it, plz tell me,

  • MUHTADY Says:

    I ordered the configured FW version yesterday. I went with the white VAIO; packed with 2.53 GHz, 3 GB RAM, XBRITE HI-COLOR display, 160 Hard Drive. The jump from 3 GB to 4 GB RAM was $100 more, which did not make sense to me. 2.8 GHz even costs a lot more. But above all, it has the perfect "16.4" inch screen. I always found 15 to be a little small, and 17 to be too big and heavy. The sweetest part is, by using my corporate discounts, I only ended up paying $1410.00 which includes tax and of course free shipping. That is way better than paying $1570.00 for the above configuration from Sony.com. I cannot wait to get my hands on it. By the way, GREAT REVIEW JOANNA. Thanks.

  • Ryan Says:

    Hmm... This laptop looks very intriguing. I was very close to ordering a CR for college and sacrificing graphics performance. I have a pretty specific budget of under $1500, and I could get this FW with everything I want for that much (T9400 processor, 3gb RAM, upgraded graphics). Only drawback is the estimated shipping date, all I found on Sony's website was that it is "Shipping in early August".

    Does anyone have more information on this than "early August"?

  • efua Says:

    Thanks alot! Your resposne was blazing fast!

  • Joanna Stern Says:

    All fixed. Thanks!

  • efua Says:

    The video is not playing on both firefox and ie.. pls fix it . Thanks

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