MissionWorkshop Shed Messenger Bag Hands-On: Enormous And Weatherproof

The Shed from MissionWorkshop feels like it could hold everything, and the kitchen sink, and might just be a bike messenger's wet dream. To call this messenger bag on the larger side is an understatement. It can hold a 17-inch laptop with room to spare, along with space for any other gear--shoes, lunch, household appliances, a six-pack--that you might have. Aside from the main compartment, there are an array of inside zipper and velcro pockets to store your gear, like most bags. Unlike most bags though, the front flap can be clipped shut or folded over to resist rain penetration and offer easy access to the inside pockets. MissionWorkshop calls this made-in-America case weatherproof, and the water-resistant urethane coated zippers and truck-tarp nylon liner made us a believer. The exterior is available in black, gray, Olive, red, and tan. The padded shoulder strap is reversible, and sports a removable stabilizing chest-strap. The Shed Messenger bag comes with a lifetime warranty, and can be had for $179 via MissionWorkshop's website.