Hacker Gets Windows RT Running on Old-School HTC HD2 Phone

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Enterprising hackers and developers have been showering the HTC HD2 with love ever since Microsoft abandoned this 2010 Windows Mobile handset for Windows Phone. Since then the 4.3-inch device has been rigged to run everything from Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 to even Android. Now it's Windows RT's turn.

A longtime HD2 supporter going by the Twitter handle @CotullaCode has managed to coax Windows RT—yes, the same OS running on the Surface tablet—on HTC's old-school jewel. (Does that make it a phablet?)

The hacker didn't divulge how well Windows RT runs on the HTC HD2's single-core 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and 483MB of RAM, but seeing as how the phone tended to chug while multitasking in its original iteration, we're guessing he's not seeing Tegra-like performance. Still, it's a highly impressive feat.

@CotullaCode has tweeted several pictures of various apps and system screens in action, so check out his Twitter feed if you want to see even more images of desktop-style Live Tiles on an itty-bitty phone screen. 

via the Verge