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Barnes and Noble Adds Google Play to Nook HD and HD+

Barnes & Noble's Nook HD and HD+ Android-based tablets are getting more Google-y today. The bookseller has begun releasing an over-the-air update that will add the entire universe of Android apps in the Google Play store to the two tablets. With that update comes Gmail, YouTube, Chrome, Google Maps and more than 700,000 apps and games. 

Barnes & Noble users will now have an edge over Kindle Fire owners, in that there will be both a curated app store and a complete app store on Nook tablets. This move adds Android staples such as and Neflix and Google Music.

However, in a slightly odd move, this also means readers and video watchers will have to choose whether to get content from the bookseller or from Google. According to the company, this move does pose some risks, but Barnes & Noble is confident that opening up the device to a wider audience will ultimately offset the dangers of lost content revenue. 

The user interface will remain the same, including Nook Profiles for setting up separate desktops for multiple users. Camera apps will continue not to work on the Nook tablets. We gave both the Nook HD and Nook HD+ 4 stars on our reviews, and is likely only to help the devices. 

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