Would You Pay $1,750 for a Chromebook? Google Thinks So

Google is going in whole-hog with Pixel branding, including for its Chromebooks. In a leak reported by Droid-Life, Google will be announcing a new Chromebook entitled the Pixelbook. Its pricing will reportedly start at $1,199.

While there has previously been a Chromebook Pixel, and every Chromebook beforehand has used the word "Chromebook" in its name, the Pixelbook is breaking rank. The machine is a 2-in-2 that will fold back into a tablet. The stylus, called the Pixelbook Pen, is reportedly pressure-sensitive, with little to no lag.

The laptops will come in silver and will not be as affordable as other Chromebooks. There will be an $1,199 128GB version, a 256GB option for $1,399 and a 512GB model for $1,749.

The last flagship Chromebooks plugged by Google were the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus. Those were supposed to run full Android apps, but that functionality was indefinitely delayed. We expect to learn more about the Pixelbook and the Pixelbook Pen at Google's big event on October 4.