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Google Launches Chromecast iOS App

Released last month, Google's Chromecast is an HDMI stick that allows users to stream video content right to their television, with a smartphone or tablet taking the place of the remote. For those who currently control their Chromecast with an iPhone or iPad, Google just released an official iOS app for the hardware to make the setup process easier. 

You don't need the Chromecast app to use the device with an iOS product, but the free app gives you a clearer look at your streaming stick. Upon starting the application, users can either set up a new Chromecast or find an existing one. Chromecast owners can then give their device a unique name, sync it with a Wi-Fi network and set a time zone for the device. The app allows you to manage multiple Chromecasts, and users have the option of casting from YouTube and Netflix right from the software.

Of course, you don't need an iOS device to use Chromecast, and Google previously released an official Chromecast app for Android devices on the Google Play store. The device currently supports a small selection of movie and music streaming services, including Netflix, YouTube and Google Play Music, with more options to come in the future.