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Google Glass App Store Reportedly Launching in 2014

From the New York Times to Evernote, Google Glass Explorers already have a decent app selection. Come next year, however, Google Glass wearers may have an entire app store to browse. A Google spokesperson reportedly confirmed to MarketingLand that the company will wait until next year to release an app store specifically made for Google Glass. The news follows a lengthy piece in the New York Times published over the weekend, which originally reported that a Glass apps store is in the works.

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The company hasn’t shared any additional details, such as whether or not this would be an extension of Google Play or an entirely separate marketplace. Google also has yet to mention whether or not developers would be able to charge for their apps, seeing as the current terms of service don’t let developers use ads or accept payment.

Although details on Google Glass apps are scarce, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen signs that Glass-compatible apps are underway. When Google updated its Play store earlier this summer, we began to see signs that certain apps would support Google Glass. Users who had Glass linked with their Google account began seeing the wearable device listed under the “compatible devices” menu when browsing apps, although Google hadn’t made any official announcement concerning Glass apps.

Google hasn’t announced an official, public release date for Glass just yet, but recent reports suggest it will launch in 2014. Since Google launched its developer Explorer program earlier this year, a slew of Glass competitors such as the Vuzix M100 heads-up display and Oculon Smart Glasses have surfaced.