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Google Chrome 12 Beta Allows Users To Delete Flash Cookies

The latest version of Chrome (12, for those counting) is now available in stable beta, and will push to all Chrome users via automatic update very soon. Given that Chrome's update cycle is a short 6 weeks, we've learned not to expect huge, life-changing updates from new versions of Chrome. This time around the upgrades mostly consist of better privacy controls plus support for hardware-accelerated 3D CSS.

On the privacy front, Google has enhanced Chrome's Safe Browsing technology, which warns you if you're about to visit a site Google knows has malware or is engaged in phishing activities. The browser now also warns you if you're about to download malicious files. The data for all of this comes from Google's normal web crawl as part of their search indexing.

This version of Chrome also allows you to delete Flash cookies via the browser instead of having to visit Adobe's website in order to clear them. Since most users probably don't even know that such a thing as Flash cookies exist, this is pretty good news for people who want full control over the information the browser passes back to websites.

Hardware-accelerated 3D CSS builds on Chrome's ability to use your computer's graphics card to render images and video. Web pages that use 3D graphics should run smoother depending on your system.

You can download Google Chrome 12 beta now or just wait until the browser updates itself.