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Google Babel Rumors Strengthen Ahead of I/O, Suggest Cross-Platform Messenger

For weeks, rumors have suggested that Google will roll out its own cross-platform messaging service, and now we’re continuing to see the evidence mount. The service, allegedly called Babel, would tie all of Google’s existing chat services under one umbrella, including Google Talk, Hangouts, Voice and Google+ Messenger.

Rumors indicate that Babel could be Google’s attempt to streamline communication across all devices, from desktop and laptop computers to Android-powered smartphones and tablets. According to The Verge, the service will likely be available for Android, Chrome, iOS, and from within Gmail’s web client, but Google has yet to comment on the matter.

Although Babel hasn’t been confirmed, numerous indicators from the past few weeks hint that we may hear more about this at Google’s I/O next month. In mid-March, reported that Google was working on integrating all of its chat platforms into one single service, and some allegedly leaked images have surfaced since then. Just two days ago, Tech Radar posted a purported screen shot from a Google employee that seems to confirm its name. The image shows a mouse cursor hovering over a “Feedback” button with the caption “What do you think about Babel in Gmail?”

Additionally, the technology website claims to have received another image depicting Babel’s new emoticons, but couldn’t confirm that this source actually works for Google. If that isn’t convincing, Google references the term “Babel” numerous times in its group of bugs for its open source web browser project Chromium.

Hopefully Google will lay the speculation to rest at its I/O developer’s conference next month, where we also might see a successor to the Nexus 7.  

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Image Credit: Tech Radar