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Google Announces Plans for Voice and Enhanced Image Search in Chrome Desktop

Many smart phone users have tried the Voice Actions and the Google Goggles apps in Android. Now Google has said it will bring similar voice search and image identification abilities to the desktop by adding them to the Chrome browser.

Image search will enable people to drag their old photos directly in the Google search box and receive information as to where the picture was likely taken. Users can also paste links to photos living online too. Sounds like a handy tool for those dimly remembered snapshots taken on vacation a few years back.

The voice search feature looks to be very much like the Voice Action function on today's Android handsets. Instead of keying in your query the old-fashioned way, users will be able to speak directly to their PC and tell it terms to find. Of course your system's microphone will have to be set up properly first.

Activating image search or voice search is accomplished by clicking a respective camera or microphone icon on the right within the Google search box. For quick demos as to how these features work, check out these videos.