SanDisk 1TB SSD Hits Record Low at $249

No matter how much room you had when you first bought your laptop, chances are there's not much storage space left now. Fortunately, adding extra storage is cheaper than it's ever been, especially today. Through April 11 at 11:59 pm, Amazon is discounting a variety of SanDisk storage devices including the SanDisk Ultra II 1TB SATA III SSD.

The drive, which is currently selling for $319 at various retailers, has been slashed down to $249.99. That's $70 off and the lowest price we've ever seen for this drive or any 1TB SSD. (Most 1TB SSDs start at $349).

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There are various reasons to upgrade your machine to a solid state drive, but the most common one is to give your laptop a speed boost. SSDs are capable of reading and writing data infinitely faster than traditional hard drives. In this case, the SanDisk Ultra II is capable of reaching sequential read speeds of 545MB/s and sequential write speeds of 525MB/s. The difference is most noticeable when you're booting your computer or opening an application.

 The 2.5-inch drive also comes with a 3-year warranty.

 In addition to the SSD drive, Amazon is also discounting a handful of other SanDisk products.

Amazon's SanDisk sale ends today (April 11).