Galaxy S4 Video Allegedly Leaks Showcasing Smart Pause And Gesture Features

Samsung will officially unveil its Galaxy S4 flagship later today in New York City, but a video of the smartphone may have already made its way online. Following purportedly leaked footage of the device from yesterday, a new video showcases what could be the Galaxy S4’s smart pause and gesture recognition features.

The smart pause feature enables the S4 to notice when a user isn’t looking at the phone’s screen, as the video demonstrates. During the footage a user begins playing a video on the smartphone before looking away from the screen. The phone automatically transitioned into what appears to be a standby mode until the user began looking at the display again.

Additionally, the clip hints that the S4 could come with a gesture recognition feature that launches previews of photos by simply hovering your finger over the image. This is isn’t anything new for Samsung — the same feature debuted on the Galaxy Note 2 as part of Samsung’s Android Jelly Bean Premium Suite package in late 2012.

We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out if these rumors are accurate, but check out the video below to see for yourself.

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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