G Styled: The HTC Evo 4G - The True Savior of Sprint!

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Okay, we all know that Sprint has been dying a slow death for awhile now and they need something that can cure them. They tried with the Palm Pre, which really is a great phone, but matching two dying companies wasn't the best of ideas. But with the HTC Evo 4G Sprint really has the chance to shine. If they market it right, like the Droid did for Verizon, the Evo could do it for Sprint.

This phone has everything you could ever want: 4G speed, huge gorgeous screen, 720p HD recording, two way video calling, and more. And, yes, unlike the HD2, it had Android under the hood instead of Windows Mobile.

Speaking of the HTC HD2, I did a side-by-side comparison of the two. You see the Evo and HD2 are about the same size and form factor, but I couldn't stand behind the HD2. With the Evo it is like HTC took every negative thing I had to say about the HD2 and fixed it.

For example: no Windows Mobile! Just that alone makes the Evo so sweet. Seeing the Evo with Android makes me think of what could of been if Google released their first device on the original HTC HD instead of the G1. Granted, Android was only around version 1, but I can only imagine how hot that very first Android device would have been if it was on the original HTC HD.

Then there is that bottom row of buttons on the HD2. On the Evo, instead of awkwardly sticking out, they are inline with the device, so it is smooth with the screen. A very nice touch!

Even the camera lense is slimmer than on the HD2. Shoot, the HTC Evo 4G even has a kickstand, so if you want to get your movie on, you can put it on your desk and watch without holding it. The kickstand is seamlessly placed within the phone, so it doesn't stick out or distract from the overall design.

Seriously, I can go on and on about this phone. I'm highly upset that a phone of this caliber isn't on AT&T yet, but that is beside the point. The HTC Evo 4G is now the hottest phone on Sprint, and just about the hottest phone period that you can get right now. If you are on Sprint and get any other phone besides this one, you have problems. If you’re thinking about switching from another carrier, I say go for it!

G Style HTC Evo 4G Rating: Fashion Icon

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  • Sanjay Gupta Says:

    I have been using for 3 days and the first day after charging battery fully it lasted more than 24 hours. I played your tube video, music, internet surfing, downloaded/installed many apps and pretty much busy configuring the phone for t he whole day. I did discharge it completely and then charged fully again and after 32 hours of usage 16% left. So overall happy. I don't have 4g and bluetooth turned on. Wifi and GPS is turned on.

  • jesse Says:

    sorry, but the palm pre battery life was downright ridiculous. 3 hours usage on full charge. heck i had it plugged in so much the plastic chipped near the phone and sprint didnt want to replace it, told me to file insurance claim, and it was only 2 months old. long story short while in the store i threw the phone at a downward angle towards the floor, heard a huge phone exploding into a million pieces, and walked out. had a HTC Snap ever since and sold the insurance replaced palm pre on ebay for $350. i have been happy with the Snap ever since. Get 8 hours usage easily, and phone lasts 2-3 days off the charger with heavy usage.

    the evo, should get decent battery life, and if not, oh well, i will still buy it and get a sedeio extended battery. either way, i was sold on this little laptop 6 months ago.

  • Paul Says:

    Great specification. Heard that the battery time is very bad. Any experience of that?

  • told you so.com Says:

    really though phones like these help (even the palm pre broke the sales record for sprint, most people forget or dont aknowledge that since this android nonsense has come upon us) but what is going to save sprint is people to stop listening to this he say she say BS about their service, and customer service. I have been with sprint for 15 years and yes over a decade ago those two areas where very rough, but the last 5 years I have not had any better service or customer relations then sprint. I have been with AT&T and Verizon and they have good CS too, and service, and in my opinion sprints CS and signals are just as good if not better. People need to think for themselves when picking a carrier and not listen to what the masses have to say. As you can see even when bashing a good phone like the palm pre and Web OS people only listen to what rumors are, which hurt most of even that cell phone cells (the build quality BS, keyboard etc). Im 6'3 240 pounds and have big hands and have never had a problem with the keyboard but when people say the keyboards too small and people believe what they say when one goes to pick it up its in their mind already that the keyboard is small when really its not a problem at all. Hopefully people will buy this phone and every other phone on whichever carrier because they like the pricing not because someone said so. People buy the phone because it fits their lifestyle, and their preference not because people scream android, or iphone is the best. Hopefully people wake up and be themselves and pick for themselves, not run with the jones's. I guess thats the world we live in and thats def asking to much.

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