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G Styled: The Alienware M17x - Kanye West 'All of The Lights' Approved

This week I checked out the Alienware M17x gaming laptop. I was supposed to compare it with an MSI rig, but after seeing "All of the lights" from the M17x, I completely pushed the MSI notebook aside.

The Alienware M17x looks great. Its design is futuristic, and the lights would make Kanye West proud. In fact he should have had this laptop in his recent "All of the Lights" video. Speaking about the lights on the M17x, I love the fact that there are 9 different sections of lights you can control. For any customization buff, this is a beautiful thing.

Another cool feature, and I've said this time and time again: add rubber to your product. Every electronic device is better when you add some rubber to it. For the M17x it's practical too. With something this heavy, you wouldn't want it to be slippery and prone to just fall out your hands. This makes having the rubberized feel to the laptop a welcome addition!

The only thing not sexy about this Alienware gaming laptop is its price. I'm hearing the one I looked at was about $3,300 ....ouch! Hey, if you have the cash, fine. But that is more than my rent. Either way, the Alienware M17x is a nice looking machine and it completely blows everything else out of the water in terms of style!

Alienware M17x G Style Rating : Fashion Forward

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